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Pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFi

¥231 - ¥240 per day

  • High-speed 4G/LTE
  • Shareable (up to 10 devices)
  • Large data plans
  • Easy set-up

Pocket WiFi is a portable WiFi router that works as a mobile hotspot and allows you to access internet with up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Once you turn it on, you can securely connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop to internet anywhere in Japan, whenever you want.

Japan Prepaid SIM

Prepaid Data SIM Card

From ¥5,400

From 50GB to 100GB
  • Large data plans
  • Easy dispose
  • Great network coverage
  • Easy set-up

Our prepaid data SIM cards allow you to access a national carrier network in Japan directly through your smartphone or tablet. You can just toss it out when you are done.

Japan Prepaid SIM

Prepaid Data eSIM

From ¥2,600

From 10GB to 20GB
  • Ready to use immediately
  • No need to pick up/Delivery by email
  • Great network coverage
  • Large data plans

eSIM uses digital SIM technology, eliminating the need for a physical card. It allows you to directly connect to a national carrier network in Japan, easily accessible through your smartphone or tablet. Simply scan a QR code and perform a quick setup to get instant internet access. When your trip is over, just delete it without any hassle.

Our Strengths & Your Advantages

  1. 1. Reliable, Fast Mobile Internet

    Reliability and high-speed connectivity are crucial factors when selecting mobile internet solution, and these are precisely what our products and services offer.

  2. 2. Great Customer Satisfaction

    Curious about our customers' experiences? Take a look at our reviews to discover why they consistently express satisfaction with our products and services.

  3. 3. Multiple Convenient Pickup Options

    Pick up / delivery options are available at airports, hotels, residences and post offices in Japan. Our process is designed to be both simple and reliable, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

    More about pick ups

What our customers are saying


Will never travel again without this.........

It was unbelievably convenient. Our device was at the hotel when we checked in and we dropped it off at the airport when we left. Instructions were simple and foolproof. No problems.........very fast wifi. Will never travel again without this.........

MIchael L.
Rented a Monster Plan
in 17 Nov 2023

Fantastic service. So efficient!

Ordered this for our trip to Japan. We could not have managed without it, they delivered it to our hotel. Power bank included. Fantastic service cannot recommend enough

Mairead L.
Rented a Premium Plan
in 07 Nov 2023

A Pocket Rocket

Chose the Economy plan for 26 days on holiday, extensively used for Google Maps and a Route Transit app for rail travel plus keeping an eye on emails for home/work. It will get a little warm in its protective cover but never impedes function, only used the accompanying power bank once and was nowhere near the download limit when I returned it. Excellent value for money.

Roger W.
Rented a Economy Plan
in 16 Oct 2023

Worked great!

It was waiting at our hotel when we arrived. It was easy to set up. Never had an issue with it the entire 2 weeks. The device was easy to return at the airport. Would totally recommend!

Rented a Premium Plan
in 14 Nov 2023

Excellent wifi, excellent service

Worked really well for the whole of our 35 day trip. Battery in the wifi lasted all day, most of the time, so rarely used the extra battery. East to pick up and easy to post back from KIX (but there isn’t a post office anymore but there is a postbox in Lawsons on 2F)

Fiona M.
Rented a Monster Plan
in 06 Nov 2023

Indispensable back-up

The pocket wifi from eConnect was easy to set up and simple to use. It was indispensable as a back-up to our US cell plan and great to have to get map directions and translation service. Japan outside the major cities is getting more and more connected. But having the eConnect pocket wifi ensured we were never without connectivity, even high in the mountains on the Nakasendo road.

James R A.
Rented a Premium Plan
in 08 Nov 2023

Absolutely perfect service

Ordered the Monster plan for 28 days. Signal was always good, even in more out of the way places. Battery on the wifi unit was quite good, usually lasted 6-8 hrs before needing charge. The delivery and return is well organised and thought out, was very easy. Would absolutely use eConnect again.

Gavin M.
Rented a Monster Plan
in 29 Oct 2023

Find your best mobile internet options:

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How to Pick Up and Return?
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Order online

1. Order online

Our streamlined ordering process takes just minutes. Simply choose your dates, select a pickup location, and pay with card.

2. Pick up your order

2. Pick up your order

Pick up at your desired location: airport, hotel, guest house, ryokan, post office or a private residence. Any address in Japan will do!

* Delivery of eSIM will be by email. There is no delivery of products.

3. Return (for Pocket WiFi only)

3. Return (for Pocket WiFi only)

Each rental comes with a prepaid return envelope. Just pack the rental items into this envelope and drop it in any red post box you find in Japan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many days in advance should I place my order?

It's recommended to place an order at least 3 days in advance as there may be some restrictions on pick up locations if it's later than that (you can still order though).

But in general, the earlier, the better as we might run out of stock especially in high seasons. We also give early purchasers a discount if they order three weeks or earlier (for Pocket WiFi rental only).

Q. Do you have any physical stores or booths?

Unfortunately, we currently operate online only and do not have any physical shops. But this lack of brick and mortar stores is what enables us to provide competitive prices.

Q. If I order now, when will my item be delivered?

We have our orders delivered 1 or 2 days ahead of selected pick up date (the only exceptions are the last-minute orders). So the delivery date is based on your pickup date, not on your order date.

Q. I'm already in Japan, how soon can you deliver?

We can typically deliver an order within 1 - 2 days. However, our ability to ship quickly depends on stock levels.

Please head to the product page on our site and select the soonest date available for your pickup date.

Q. Do you ship overseas?

Unfortunately, we do not ship overseas as international shipping can be very expensive depending on the region. Visit Pick Up & Return page for the available pick up options.

Q. What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all credit cards, debit cards. We also accept PayPal if it's the only payment option for you. Use the link below to enable PayPal payment option for your order.


Q. How much is the shipping fee and tax?

We provide free shipping for SIM card purchases. For Pocket WiFi rentals, shipping fee is 792 yen for every two units.

Consumption (sales) tax in Japan is currently 10%.

Q. Can I get a receipt for my order?

Yes, absolutely. The payment system automatically sends a purchase receipt to your email after your order successfully goes through but if you need an official receipt/invoice, please contact us with your order number and all the information (e.g. company name, address, etc.) needed on the invoice.

Trusted by travelers

Trusted by travelers
from over 90 countries

Since 2011, we have served tens of thousands of customers from over 90 countries with our mobile broadband service. From the very beginning, we have put a lot of effort into providing not only the best products but also the best customer support. We constantly update and improve our website to provide a cutting-edge online shopping experience.

Mobile internet has become an essential service for travelers in this beautiful and mystic nation more than ever. We take pride in helping numerous travelers stay connected throughout their stay in Japan. We look forward to you being one of them!