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Had to extend my trip due to flight cancellations and whatnot because of the Covid-19 pandemic. These guys helped me out every time. Thanks!

Tim M.
Rented a Premium Plan
in 11 May 2020

Efficient, easy, great service

The whole process was quick and easy, the internet worked perfectly and was fast and the connection was high quality. I underestimated how much data I would need though so I'd recommend going for the highest GB package as I almost reached the 50GB limit in 12 days through making video calls for work and watching a film or two. Would definitely use again and recommend to anyone travelling and in need of internet for a period of time.

Nicola L.
Rented a Premium Plan
in 29 Apr 2020


O pacote chegou em ordem e até um dia antes da data prevista. Me atendeu muito bem e não tive qualquer problema. Muito bom

Célia Mie Abe S.
Rented a Premium Plan
in 20 Apr 2020

Easy and alwaar online

The setup was extremely easy as it came preprogrammed. We used it for 3 weeks continuously and it worked without a glitch. Speed is better than average, even on trains and busses. I would highly recommend.

Daniel D.
Rented a Premium Plan
in 06 Apr 2020

I recommend. I will use again.

The process of renting,obtaining and returning the item was smooth. Everything worked. The instructions were clear and helpful. I will definitely use this service again. 65-year-old

Nancy Adair M.
Rented a Premium Plan
in 04 Apr 2020

Отличная возможность быть с интернетом

Заказал Wi-Fi роутер на две недели , полностью хватило, в комплекте power bank с помощью которого хватает заряда на весь день, стабильная связь на всей территории где были. Простой возврат после использования

Rented a Premium Plan
in 03 Apr 2020

Great Wifi, worked very well!

I chose the 50GB option and didn't use all of it in the end. Even with photo uploads, youtube streaming during the shinkansen journeys and gaming, I only used between 0.5-1.5GB a day. Battery of the modem is about 3-4 hours, though much less if constantly using internet. The provided power bank gives plenty of extra battery to last the entire day and I only charged it every couple of days. Was also useful for charging my phone! Only times I didn't get reception was in train tunnels and in some basement floors of buildings. In general the LTE coverage was very good.

Andrey M.
Rented a Premium Plan
in 02 Apr 2020

Great service!

Easy pickup, easy return, service worked as a expected during a 20 day rental.

Joao Paulo Siqueira L.
Rented a Premium Plan
in 31 Mar 2020

Easy to use and great quality/price

Both the device and the service provided by eConnect are great, best cost benefit by far.

Diego Galanti G.
Rented a Premium Plan
in 29 Mar 2020


This pocket WiFi was the best. Easy to order, delivery straight to our hotel. Super fast and reliable. It kept us in touch with our family and made navigating Japan so easy. Then when you have finished just put it in the pre paid envelope and post it back. Can't say how good this was.

Siobhan R.
Rented a Premium Plan
in 28 Mar 2020

Pocket WiFi really good!!

Really quick delivery and easy to understand website. The process for returning was super easy and had no problems at all. The speed of the WiFi was really fast and had no issues connecting. Highly recommend for people looking at getting a great pocket WiFi while in Japan!!

Kavya S.
Rented a Premium Plan
in 28 Mar 2020

Easy to use and very helpful

Me and my wife used the pocket WiFi everyday to stay in contact with friends and to find places, we would have been lost without it. Very recommended

Marco M.
Rented a Premium Plan
in 27 Mar 2020

Very reliable

We had with my friend rented this WiFi. We took the 10GB option and it was enough for 10 days for us and we used maybe 7GB. It is capable to stayed charged for 6 hours, then you need to out it on external battery. Highly recommended

Nina S.
Rented a Economy Plan
in 25 Mar 2020

Brillant Service

Got to my hotel your pocket WIFI was sat waiting for me. Easy set up on our phones and laptop, good battery life, found it very helpful when out and about using Google maps, without it we would have got lost on more than one occasion. When finished with just popped it in a post box. Would defiantly use your services again.

philip h.
Rented a Premium Plan
in 24 Mar 2020

So useful in Japan

My travels took me all around Japan in 3 weeks and despite free wifi in cafes and trains and hotels, the signals were not consistently strong. This is where my pocket wifi was sooo useful. Always strong and never cut out. Just remember to have the spare battery fully charged as you may need it.

Francine Wai Yin S.
Rented a Economy Plan
in 21 Mar 2020

Love it!

This is my 6th time in Japan but 1st time trying eConnect and i have to say that it's the best among all that I've tried. I got the Monster Plan (100Gb) for my group of 6 people, cause I know me and my friends are heavy data users. Pricing is reasonable and the most important thing is connection and reliability which is just seamless. We never had any problem connection to the internet even with close to 10device connected and accessing the internet simultaneously. So that just shows how great it was. I love the fact that they provided a portable charger along in the package, it has helped us many times when we are still out till late at night and our WiFi device is dying. The collection and returning is easy as well so what's there not to love. I say just get it if you are still thinking. H

Mohamed Sadiq Bin Mohamed A.
Rented a Monster Plan
in 21 Mar 2020

Simple and effective

Not a bad word to say about my eConnect experience at all. Pick-up from Narita was simple: Just show your passport, they'll ask which company you've ordered from and then hand over the envelope. Turn the device on, username and password are on the back, and you're away. Battery life is great, and the portable charger is small/light enough to carry around for a long day out when you might need the boost. Didn't lose signal once in Tokyo or Kyoto, and speed was great - upto/including streaming HD video with no buffering. Often used it in place of our hotel WiFi as the speeds were better. At the end of the trip just seal back into the provided envelope and drop into a postbox (there was one right by where we checked our bags in Narita). Will definitely use again when I go back to Japan.

Oliver C.
Rented a Premium Plan
in 21 Mar 2020

Works as intended

Works everywhere, speed is nice - can even watch movies / youtube / etc online. The charge lasts for about 8-10 hours, but then you also get a power bank easily making it though the whole day. Returning is easy, simply put it in prepaid envelop and then put in red postbox (which are everywhere in Japan. I just dropped it near the post office in Narita airport where I picked it up). Would definitely recommend using this wifi!

Rented a Premium Plan
in 18 Mar 2020

Travel Essential

I gave this a try for my recent family vacation in Tokyo and I can’t recommend this product enough. We visited countless areas and tourist attractions in and around Tokyo and without Google Maps we simply wouldn’t have seen so much of the amazing sights Tokyo has to offer. This was only possible of course by having consistent WiFi. Extremely easy to use, lightweight, strong/fast connection and plenty of data. After 10 days of 3 devices connected we still had 1GB/10GB left when we departed. Will definitely use again.

Ronald I.
Rented a Economy Plan
in 17 Mar 2020

Essential for anyone travelling to Japan!

The econnect pocket WiFi was extremely easy to use and was the best value for money we could find after doing some research. We picked it up upon arrival at Narita airport which was extremely convenient and dropped it back at the same location before our departure, however you can pop it in to any post box in Japan to return the device in the addressed envelope provided. We found the monster package great and never went over our allowance even though there were 2 of us using it pretty much all day everyday for directions, metro information and general browsing. I would highly recommend the econnect pocket WiFi to anyone travelling to Japan.

Georgina C.
Rented a Monster Plan
in 16 Mar 2020

Thank You Notes

Here are some of the thank-you notes we received from our customers. They really mean a lot to us :)

Brilliant service I was very impressed.
This made my trip much easier. Worked everywhere.
We appreciated your service so much while we were traveling through Japan!
We would recommend this service to anyone who is coming to Japan!
Everything works so well for us!
Thank you and kind regards from...
Thank you!!
I'll use e-Connect again & again & again.

Thank you so much for the wonderful service.
Internet has been great, and my family had an enjoyable time in Japan.
I'd highly recommend it to my friends.

Thanks once again for everything. I really appreciate it.
Have a good day!

absolutely awesome service.
The perfect way to stay connected in Japan.

Definitely will use this again!

Thank you!
- Happy -

Thanks for this! Super handy and worked perfectly.
Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

ありがとうございました! (Arigato gozaimashita!)

Thank you for providing an affordable, reliable & convenient service!
We would not have been able to make it around Japan without it!
Thank you.
This is a great service, and very reliable connection.

Thank you
Arigatou gozaimasu