Pocket WiFi Pricing

The longer you rent, the bigger the discount.

Priceexcl. tax
w/ Early Bird DiscountPick up from 12 Oct 2023
Economy Plan
20GB (10GB) Data
Premium Plan
50GB (25GB) Data
Monster Plan
100GB (50GB) Data
¥4,800(¥686 / day)
¥5,900(¥843 / day)
¥8,000(¥1,143 / day)
¥4,080(¥583 / day)
¥5,015(¥716 / day)
¥6,800(¥971 / day)
Monthly Plan
50GB Data / Month
Not Applicable
Not Available

Japan Prepaid SIM Pricing

Starting at ¥4,800

Priceexcl. tax
5GB Data SIM
10GB Data SIM
30 Days
30 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, we accept PayPal if it's the only possible payment option for you.
Please use the link below to access our website and place an order. You will see PayPal payment button at the end of checkout process.


Q. How much is the shipping fee and tax?

For SIM card purchases, we offer free shipping. For Pocket WiFi rentals, shipping fee is 790 yen per every 2 units.
Consumption (sales) tax in Japan is currently 8%.

Q. Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, all the major credit cards and debit cards are accepted. VISA, MasterCard and AMEX are just a few of them. But please make sure international transactions are not filtered.