Privacy Policy

Mobile Planning Inc. recognizes that it is our social responsibility to protect the personal information entrusted to us by our customers and we declare that all of our employees are committed to the following items.

1. Purpose of Use

We will collect personal information only within the scope of the purpose of use after clarifying the purpose of use. In addition, personal information of customers will be handled appropriately within the scope of the purpose of use based on Article 18 Paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Protection Law.

  1. To confirm the contents of the application, to confirm the identity of the customer, to provide information and billing for the service fee, to provide the service fee, products, and services, to change the conditions of the service, to notify the customer of the suspension, discontinuation, or termination of the service, and to provide other services of the Company.
  2. To respond to inquiries and consultations.
  3. To perform administrative work such as billing for usage fees.
  4. When a customer inquires about the data terminal (Wi-Fi router) used by the customer, for the purpose of improving the customer's service or for support in case of trouble, etc., to provide information (IMEI, TEL, etc.) specific to the data terminal to telecommunication companies, service providers, and service providers in order to investigate the communication status of the mobile line. (TEL, etc.)
  5. Providing notifications and information on products/services and providing the most appropriate information for each customer (including notifications, information, and information on products/services that are not in use) by means of e-mail, pop-up banners, and the like.
  6. Survey and analysis of usage conditions.
  7. Planning/improvement of products/services.
  8. To make sales recommendations, conduct surveys, and send out prizes, etc., related to services provided by the Company or the Company's partner companies.
  9. To analyze the information you provide for the purpose of improving this service or developing new services.
  10. To prevent/detect inappropriate behavior such as violations of the Terms of Use or criminal acts.

In order to achieve the above purposes of use, we may collect, use, and analyze information such as gender, date of birth, mail opening status, website activity history, service usage history, purchase history, and ad viewing history. In addition to the above purposes of use, other purposes of use may be individually defined depending on services, surveys, etc.

2. Provision to Third Parties

  1. We will strictly manage personal information and will not disclose or provide data to third parties except as permitted by the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws and regulations, unless the customer has given his/her consent.
  2. We may provide customer information to subcontractors to perform tasks necessary to provide our services. In such cases, we will take necessary and appropriate measures such as selecting a company that sufficiently protects personal information and concluding a contract for the protection of personal information.
  3. We may provide customer personal data (order, usage, and payment information, billing dates, etc.) to debt collection agencies and other companies for the purpose of payment of fees (name, address, contact telephone number, information related to service usage, etc.). The same shall also apply in the event that the customer does not pay for the service or product in question, even though the payment due date has passed.

3. Joint Use of Personal Information

In order to provide comprehensive services by our group, we will share the customer information provided for the application and contract of this service with our parent company and its affiliated companies in accordance with the following conditions:

  1. Scope of customer information to be used

    Customer information obtained may be jointly used, but the joint users shall use it only to the minimum extent necessary to carry out their business (e.g., personal data such as name, telephone number, address, e-mail address, age, and gender, and all personal data necessary for the business described in "(3) Purpose of joint use").

  2. Scope of joint users

    The Company shall share the use of personal information with Benefit Japan Corporation, the parent company of the Company, and its affiliated companies.

  3. Purpose of use
    1. For guidance, research, and development of various services.
    2. To make decisions when providing various services, to understand and manage various risks, etc.
    3. For the appropriate execution of business management operations as the Company's group.

Party responsible for the management of personal data to be shared:

Mobile Planning Inc.
Metro City Tsukiji, Shintomicho 5F, 2-3-4 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Hiroyuki Koga

4. Safety Control Measures

We will continuously improve our management system and framework for the protection of personal information. We will also take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, falsification, and leakage of personal information. In the event of an incident or accident such as leakage, we will take immediate action, investigate the cause, and correct the situation.

  1. Establishment of an organizational structure (e.g., a statement that a responsible person has been appointed, his/her position and duties, etc., and a reporting and communication system in the event that a leakage, etc., is detected).
  2. Periodic inspections and audits (periodic self-inspections, audits by other departments, etc.).
  3. Training of employees (matters concerning confidentiality are included in employment regulations, etc., and made known to all employees).
  4. Prevention of unauthorized access, etc. (A system to protect against unauthorized access from outside is in place.)

5. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to personal information held by us.

6. Links

This site may be linked to or from third-party sites, but the Company assumes no responsibility for personal information collected by or under the control of such linked sites.

7. Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy without prior notice to the extent permitted by law.

8. Use of cookies

This Site may send cookies for the purpose of providing better services, remarketing functions of online advertisements provided by third parties, and access analysis services.

By using this Site, you grant us permission to use cookies. Please refer to the privacy and security notices of Google, Yahoo, Facebook Pixel, Criteo, Twitter, and affiliate programs for more information on how they collect and use access information. If you do not wish to make use of cookies, you can set your web browser to refuse to accept cookies.

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9. About remarketing advertisements

  1. This website uses a remarketing function for online advertisements that utilizes cookies, and advertisements from this website are placed on various sites on the Internet by the functions of Google and other third-party distribution services. Cookies are used in accordance with the privacy policy of each service provider and within the scope described on the service provider's site. You may opt out of the use of cookies in the delivery of online advertisements by visiting the opt-out pages on the following provider sites or the Network Advertising Initiative's opt-out page.

    Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page

  2. To the extent necessary to use advertising, we will provide ad-serving companies (Google, Yahoo, Criteo, etc.) with information such as site access routes, product codes, and outcome identifiers (for example, order numbers that are uniquely assigned when orders are placed).

10. Affiliate advertising

This site uses affiliate advertisements, and to the extent necessary to use such advertisements, we provide cookies, information on access routes to the site, and performance identification information (e.g., unique order numbers assigned when orders are placed) to affiliate ASPs and advertising agencies to which we outsource our business. Affiliate ASPs and our subcontracted advertising agencies.

In addition, Affiliate ASPs and our outsourced advertising agencies will provide us with cookies, information on access routes to the site, and performance identification information, which will be used in conjunction with personal information to the extent necessary for the approval of advertising results.

11. Access analysis

This site uses Google Analytics and Mouseflow to collect and analyze access logs.

<< Google Analytics >>

Google Analytics collects user information in a form that does not identify individual users. The manner in which access information is collected and used is set forth in the Google Analytics Terms of Service and the Google Privacy Policy. For more information about Google Analytics, please refer to the following page

<< Mouseflow >>

Mouseflow records data including information about the browser (type, version, screen size, etc.), basic information about the user (IP address, language, time zone), and mouse movements, clicks, scrolling events, and keystrokes. We use this information as general statistical information for monitoring unauthorized access, improving security and service quality, and investigating and analyzing trends in the use of our site, and not for identifying personal information.

If you wish to opt out, you may do so at the following URL
For more information about Mouseflow's privacy policy, please refer to the following URL

12. Use of social plug-ins

The website operated by Mouseflow uses social plug-ins such as SNS "buttons" and "embedded contents. If you do not agree to this, please do not click on the SNS "buttons".

In addition, some SNSs may automatically send information such as SNS user IDs from your browser to the SNS when you visit a website with a SNS button, even if you do not click on the button.

For details, please refer to the "Notes to SNS Users" (website of the Personal Information Protection Commission).

For the privacy policy, etc. of the SNS used on our website, please refer to the website of each operator.

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13. Use of payment services

We use Stripe and PayPal for payment processing. Your payment card details are not stored or collected by us, but are provided directly to these third-party payment processors, who comply with PCI-DSS standards to ensure the secure handling of payment information.

Please refer to the privacy policies of the payment services we use on their websites.

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14. Use of reCAPTCHA

For security purposes, we use a hidden capture service operated by Google. reCAPTCHA may collect information from your device that is retained in accordance with Google's privacy policy.

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15. Disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information

We will respond to requests for notification of purpose of use, correction, addition, or deletion, right to refuse use or provision, and disclosure of personal information in our possession that we have received from our customers. If, as a result of disclosure, the retained personal information is found to be inaccurate, we will correct, add, or delete the information.

Please contact the following office to make a request. Please note that we may not be able to respond to requests for disclosure that do not follow this procedure.

Contact Information

Mobile Planning Inc.
Address: Metro City Tsukiji Shintomi-cho 5F, 2-3-4 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Authorized personal information protection organization:

We are a covered entity of the Japan Data Communications Association (JDCA), an authorized personal information protection organization.

If you have any questions or concerns about our handling of personal information, you may contact us at the following address.

Within the Japan Data Communications Association
Telecommunications Personal Information Protection Promotion Center
Phone: 03-5907-3803 (weekdays from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 15:00)