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Pocket WiFi Rental in Japan
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From ¥231 per day

  • Ultra fast 4G/LTE speed
  • Large data packages
  • Easy pick up & return
  • Free extra mobile battery

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Economy Plan

20GB (10GB) Data

Economy Plan

from ¥237/day

Guaranteed 4G/LTE Speed
20GB (10GB)
After the above data is used up
Unlimited data at restricted speed
SoftBank 4G/LTE network

Premium Plan

50GB (25GB) Data

Premium Plan

from ¥231/day

Guaranteed 4G/LTE Speed
50GB (25GB)
After the above data is used up
Unlimited data at restricted speed
SoftBank 4G/LTE network

Monster Plan

100GB (50GB) Data

Monster Plan

from ¥273/day

Guaranteed 4G/LTE Speed
100GB (50GB)
After the above data is used up
Unlimited data at restricted speed
SoftBank 4G/LTE network

Monthly Plan

50GB Data / Month

Monthly Plan

from ¥240/day

Guaranteed 4G Speed
50GB Data / calendar month
After the above data is used up
Unlimited data at restricted speed
Minimum Rental Period
From 4 months up to 2 years

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* Why our Pocket WiFi isn’t advertised as “Unlimited data”

“Unlimited” is a gimmicky marketing word that Pocket WiFi rental companies love using. It does not mean you can use the internet at high speeds indefinitely. Its actual meaning is that you can use data indefinitely but the speed may be throttled/restricted at some point during use. Instead of using this possibly misleading word, we guarantee the total data amount you can use at high speed.

* How good is the coverage?

* What 1GB gets you?

Early Bird Discount

Applicable for all orders placed 3 weeks before pick up date.

15% Off

FREE extra mobile battery

Included with every rental, enabling your
Pocket WiFi to last over 24 hours.

Mobile Battery

Exceptional network coverage for the most incredible journey

More than 99% of the population is covered. We insure you the best coverage throughout Japan with SoftBank 4G/LTE network.

4G/LTESuper fast 4G/LTE connection
coverageWorld leading 99%+ population coverage
RankSoftBank: people's choice #1 in Japan
Japan Map

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Pocket WiFi in Japan

  • 1. Super easy to use

    It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just turn it on, choose the network name on your phone, and enter the password. It's just like connecting to any other WiFi network.

  • 2. High-speed 4G/LTE with great coverage

    Experience seamless local connectivity and extremely low latency with Japan's 4G/LTE network, covering more than 99% of national population.

  • 3. Connects multiple devices

    Traveling with friends or family? Carrying multiple internet devices? No problem. Our Pocket WiFi can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.

  • 4. Your data will be safe

    Unlike public / free WiFi, our Pocket WiFi device keeps your internet activity secured and safe by connecting directly to a large telco’s private cellular network.


How to Pick Up and Return?
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Order online

1. Order online

Our streamlined ordering process takes just minutes. Simply choose your dates, select a pickup location, and pay with card.

Pick up your order

2. Pick up your order

Pick up at your desired location: airport, hotel, guest house, ryokan, post office or a private residence. Any address in Japan will do!

Return your device

3. Return your device

Each rental comes with a prepaid return envelope. Just pack the rental items into this envelope and drop it in any red post box you find in Japan.

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  • How much data do you need?

    We often see people looking for an unlimited data plan but as we explained in our blog post, Pocket WiFi with true unlimited data does not exist. It always comes with Fair Usage Policy that will slow your internet after you pass a certain limit. Why? Because it uses mobile network (being mobile and all) that has millions of users who can't all have access to unlimited internet. We guarantee a certain data amount for high speed internet. Each plan has a different set of default data allotment but they all should be more than enough for normal travel purposes. Find out more about what 1GB of data gets you.

  • What speed can you expect?

    The download / upload speeds listed on the device specs are best values, meaning those values aren't guaranteed. Actual speeds will be slower than that. This is including but not limited to our Pocket WiFi. However, with that said, you ca be assured that the 4G/LTE speed our devices provide is, in most cases, much faster than public free WiFi or hotel WiFi networks. You can enjoy web browsing, Google Maps, social media apps without any stress from slow loading. Read our customer reviews and find out what they are saying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Pocket WiFi exactly?

Pocket WiFi, also known as MiFi, WiFi dongle, is a portable WiFi router that works as a mobile hotspot and allows you to access the internet. Pocket WiFi functions the same way as your wireless router at home does. The defining difference being that Pocket WiFi is compact, portable, and does not require any installation.

Q. How much is the Pocket WiFi rental?

Our rates vary based on length of stay, data allowance, and the timing of your booking. For more information on our rates, check out our nifty pricing page.

Q. How good is the coverage?

All our Pocket WiFi models have great coverage throughout Japan covering more than 99% of the population, so most places an ordinary traveler will go should not have any issues with coverage. That said, coverage in very remote areas cannot be guaranteed.

Q. Does my phone work with Pocket WiFi?

If you have a smartphone that is capable of connecting to WiFi then it can work with Pocket WiFi. It works with any WiFi-enabled smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Q. Do you offer any insurance service for Pocket WiFi rental devices?

Currently, we do not offer insurance service for the rental products as most of our customers use their own travel insurance to cover the fees occurred to their possessions. We will provide all the necessary documents for the travel insurance if asked.

Q. Can I use Pocket WiFi outside of Japan?

No, our Pocket WiFi devices do not work outside of Japan.