Japan Prepaid SIM

From ¥4,800 excl. taxes

  • No activation / registration required
  • Free shipping anywhere in Japan
  • Great coverage with 4G/LTE
  • Control & Recharge with our App

Prepaid Data Plans

5GB Data SIM

5GB Data SIM


Maximum time period
30 Days
Online data recharge
docomo 4G(LTE) / 3G

10GB Data SIM

10GB Data SIM


Maximum time period
30 Days
Online data recharge
docomo 4G(LTE) / 3G

Data Only SIM

Our SIM is for data only and does not support local phone calls and SMS.
VoIP apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger can be used to make voice calls.

Control your SIM card with our iOS and Android app

iOS, Android, and our Web app are available for all our SIM users. We packed in dozens of features to make using your SIM card easy and convenient.

  • Quick SIM Details

    Access details about your SIM instantly with a glance.

  • Data Top-Ups

    Purchase extra data whenever needed, right on the app.

  • Monitor Data Usage

    Keep track of your remaining data anytime, anywhere.

  • Easy APN Set-up

    Install the required Profile for iOS devices effortlessly with a single tap.

  • Data Usage Alerts

    Set up and customize push notifications for your data usage.

  • Manage Multiple SIMs

    Easily manage multiple SIM cards for you and your loved ones with a single mobile app.

eConnect Japan App

How To Use Our Prepaid SIM Card

Please make sure your device is unlocked (not locked to your original carrier).

1. Insert it into your device

Once you pick it up, insert it into your smartphone or tablet. Our SIM cards are 3-in-1 trio types so you can adjust it to fit into your desired SIM size (nano, micro or mini). We also include a paper clip for easy SIM tray ejection.

2. Set up APN (Access Point Name)

All Japanese prepaid SIM cards including ours require APN configuration in order to connect to its designated network. You can easily set it up using our mobile app. We recommend that you install it before coming to Japan from App Store or Google Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How good is the coverage?

The SIM card has the best coverage among all of our products, covering 99% of national population, under Docomo network. All cities, towns, villages, and some rural areas are well covered. Some remote areas are still covered.

Q. Are there any settings required to use the SIM card?

APN (access point name) setting is required to use our SIM card, but that's all. Our mobile app (iOS , Android) helps you set it up easily.

You can check the details on the link below.

Instructions are on the SIM packaging as well.

Q. Is the SIM on 4G or 3G?

It is on both 4G/LTE and 3G under NTT DOCOMO network. It connects to 3G where 4G/LTE is not available.

Q. How do I know if my phone is unlocked?

It is not possible for us to tell. Please ask your carrier or the seller where you bought it from.

Q. Can I make / receive phone calls?

No, our SIM is a data only SIM card and does not support voice call and SMS (same as almost all the prepaid SIM sold for visitors in Japan).
But you can make calls through VoIP apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, LINE, etc.