Japan Prepaid SIM

The Best SIM Available in Japan.
Japan Prepaid SIM
  • From ¥ 1,980 + Tax
  • Free Shipping
  • power_settings_new No Activation Required
  • network_check Reliable Internet Speed
  • loop Online Top Up Supported
  • phonelink_setup Full Control with Our App

Prepaid Data Plans

10GB / 60days Plan

10GB Data SIM

heavy data user

¥ 9,180
(excl. tax)

Data Allowance
Period 60 Days
Online Top Up Supported
Network docomo 4G(LTE) / 3G
1GB / 15days Plan

1GB Data SIM

5 ~ 7 days trip

¥ 3,180
(excl. tax)

Data Allowance
Period 15 Days
Online Top Up Supported
Network docomo 4G(LTE) / 3G
500MB / 7days Plan

500MB Data SIM

2 ~ 4 days trip

¥ 1,980
(excl. tax)

Data Allowance
Period 7 Days
Online Top Up Supported
Network docomo 4G(LTE) / 3G
100MB/day Plan

100MB/day Data SIM

casual user

¥ 2,680
(excl. tax)

Data Allowance
Period 7 / 15 / 30 Days
Online Top Up Supported
Network docomo 4G(LTE) / 3G

Data Only SIM

Our SIM is for data only and does not support voice call and SMS.
VoIP apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts can be used to make calls.

How To Start Using Our SIM

Before everything, please make sure your smartphone, tablet or MiFi is unlocked.

Set Up
  1. Insert it into your device

    We include a paper clip to eject a SIM tray easily.

  2. Set the APN on your device

    Japanese SIM card (including but not limited to ours) requires APN (access point name) settings for data transfer. You can set it up easily with our mobile app. We recommend that you install it before coming to Japan if you are using iOS or Android phone.

You can check out SIM Set-Up Guide for more details.

Pickup & Return



No need to waste time looking for a SIM, waiting in line.
Pickup is available at airport, hotel, and post office in Japan.
See Details


Disposable, No Need to Return

Stay connected until the very last minute, even just moments before your flight takes off!

Full Control of Your SIM with Our App

iOS, Android, and Web app are available for the SIM users. It's got tons of features to make using sim easy and more convenient.
See the benefits you can get with the app below.

Overview of Your SIM

All the important information about your sim is shown up on top of the app

Make Top Ups (Recharge)

Need more data? No problem, you can buy more data plans on the go

Data Usage Alert Notification

You can set a data usage limit of your choice to get a push notification

eConnect App Icon
Easy APN Settings

Using our mobile app, you can easily set up Access Point Name on your phone

Check Data Balance

The app displays your data usage and remaining data beautifully on the graphs

Manage Multiple SIM Cards

One for you, one for your kid, manage both with your phone

eConnect App Icon

Search “eConnect Japan” in the app store and install now!


SIM Card

The SIM card has the best coverage among all of our products, covering 99% of the population, under Docomo network. All cities, towns, villages, and some rural areas are well covered. Some remote areas are still covered.

Pocket WiFi

All our Pocket WiFi models have good coverage throughout Japan covering more than 95% of the population, so the coverage should not be a problem wherever in Japan you go. However, coverage in very remote areas with no population cannot be guaranteed.

For more details, please visit our Service Area page.

APN (access point name) setting is required to use our SIM card, but that's all. Our mobile app (iOSAndroid) helps you set it up easily.

You can check the details on the link below.

Instructions are on the SIM packaging as well.

It is on both 4G/LTE and 3G under NTT DOCOMO network. It connects to 3G where 4G/LTE is not available.

It is not possible for us to tell. Please ask your carrier or the seller where you bought it from.

No, our SIM is a data only SIM card and does not support voice call and SMS (same as almost all the prepaid SIM sold for visitors in Japan).

But you can make calls through VoIP apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, LINE, etc.