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Prepaid Data SIM Card Sales, Portable WiFi Router Rental in Japan.

Easy Pickup

Easy Pickup

Pickup is super easy. We can have your order delivered to any accommodation or post office in Japan. Airport pickup is also available at major international airports.
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Full English Support

Full English Support

Customer support is available in English, 365 days a year. We respond as quickly as possible for all inquiries.

Secure Credit Card Payments

Secure Credit Card Payments

Payments can be made with credit card. Payments are processed through Stripe, ensuring you that your payment is highly secured by industry-leading technology such as SSL.

WiFi-To-Go (Pocket WiFi)

  • ¥ 234 ~ 980 / day + Tax
  • For Rent

The Ultimate Tool To Stay Connected.
A small, light, and Super Powerful Portable WiFi Router, aka Pocket WiFi or MiFi.

Discount of Up To 65%

The longer you rent, the cheaper it gets! No one can beat our prices. Get a great deal now!
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Super Fast Network

Our Portable WiFi gives you one of the fastest Internet Speeds in the world. Super fast network speeds of up to 75Mbps download speed.

2 Unlimited Data Plans

You don't have to worry about data usage anymore!
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Connects with up to 5-10 devices, simultaneously.

Secure and Private

Your own WiFi network and unique password. Relax with the confidence that your data connection is always safe.

Works with Any WiFi Enabled Devices

It works even with SIM-locked devices or WiFi-only models. Laptops, tablets, smartphones... You name it, it works perfectly well!


Order 3 weeks in advance to save another 15% !!

Applicable to portable WiFi rentals starting from 25/12/2016 or later.

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Japan Prepaid SIM

  • From ¥ 1,980 + Tax
  • Free Shipping
  • Disposable
Japan Prepaid SIM - 3GB Data SIM
Japan Prepaid SIM - 100MB/day Data SIM (15 Days)

The Best SIM Available in Japan.
Fast & Reliable, Easy to Control from our Mobile App.

7 Plans Available in Multiple SIM Sizes

- 500MB ~ 5GB Data SIM
- 100MB/day Data SIM (7 ~ 30days)
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No Fair Usage Policy, No Daily Limit

Always stress-free with considerably fast internet speed.

No Activation Required

Once you receive the SIM, it is ready to use! No need to call or do anything else to activate it.

Full Control of Your SIM with Our App

Our Mobile App will make it very convenient for you to use your SIM! Available on iOS, Android, and the Web.

Easy Top Up, Multiple Options

You can purchase more data or extend your plan with our the top up on our App! With so many features, you'll have full control over your SIM!

Disposable, No Need to Return

Stay connected until the very last minute, even just moments before your flight takes off!

Full Control of Your SIM with Our App

eConnect App Icon

Our Mobile App “eConnect Japan” will make it very convenient for you to use your SIM!
Available on iOS, Android, and the Web.

  • eConnect Japan App (iOS)
  • eConnect Japan App (Android)
eConnect App
  • Overview of Your SIM
  • Check Your Data Balance
  • Make Top Ups
  • Easy APN Settings
  • Get Notifications on Your Data Usage
  • ...More
Japan Prepaid SIM

Order Now and Get Free Shipping for the SIM Card!

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Why eConnect?


Internet access anywhere, anytime.

With our portable WiFi or SIM card, you can use Internet on the go at Any Time and Place. If your Internet access is limited to a public WiFi hotspot, you might not be able to get internet access when you need it most.

This will definitely make your trip much easier and more comfortable.


Order online and Pickup either at Your Hotel, at a Post Office, at a Residential Address, or at the Airport!

It's very simple. You no longer have to walk around to look for a SIM Card or wait in a long line at shop. You can save time and money too!


Imagine, your trip with Internet all the time.

Got lost in Tokyo? Just launch Google Maps.
Having difficulty in communicating? Get help with Google Translate.
Want to share your trip with your friends? Share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
Need to call to your friends and family? Just use Skype.

You can do so much more when you're Online!

Well over 10,000 travelers using our service every year, with over 150% year-on-year growth!

Our customers come from 82 countries and counting.
We put our Customers First. YOU are special to us. We are devoted to providing You the Best Service!

We put our Customers First. YOU are special to us.
We are devoted to providing You the Best Service!