Prepaid SIM Card Sales, Pocket WiFi Rental for Your Japan Trip.


May 2016
Featured in The New York Times
Apr 2016
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Internet on the Go

Everyone needs mobile broadband when traveling to Japan.

For Rent

Pocket WiFi

¥ 234 ~ 980 / day + Tax

For Sale

Japan Prepaid SIM

From ¥ 1,980 + Tax

Why You Should Buy Products Online

People book flights and hotels online. Why not Pocket WiFi and SIM Card?
People are often too lazy to arrange things in advance.
But there are  many benefits if you do so especially when it comes to travel.

Ordering Online

Better Prices (most likely)

Question: Have you seen anything that is cheaper to buy at the airport?

Online stores do not need to pay for rent, airport tax and so on. Much less operating cost. Those aspects make online shopping extremely price-competitive.

Ordering Online

Save Time

Make the most of your time in Japan. Period.
Why would you want to walk around and wait in line to purchase on-site with your heavy suitcase?

Ordering Online

Wider Selection

Shelf space is not an issue online. You can easily find and compare dozens of stores and products at once with only your fingers.

Ordering Online

Easy Payment

Unless you are a cash-only person, handling payment beforehand probably saves time and money. We accept all the credit and debit cards.

Our Services

Ordering Online

Ordering Online Made Easy

Our website makes rental and purchasing process super easy and hassle-free.

No more wait at an airport or at a store.
No payment on site (that means no currency exchange or credit card swiping needed).

Just order online and pickup when you arrive in Japan!


Multiple Pickup Options

Major international airports in Japan (Narita, Kansai, Haneda, New Chitose, Chubu), hotels, post offices are all available as a pickup location.
Choose one that suits your itinerary best in the checkout process.

We can also have it delivered to a residence, airbnb in Japan if that works better for you.
Your oder will be delivered to your pickup location by the time you arrive.

See details on where you can pickup
Secure and Reliable Internet

Secure and Reliable Internet

Public free WiFi is at no cost but it's possibly insecure and slow at times.
It's available in a limited area too.
Why jeopardize your personal information for frustrating internet experience?

Get your own mobile internet which is highly secured with telco's mobile network across Japan.


Great Coverage

Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Sapporo, you name it,
it's covered with our pocket WiFi and SIM card.

Japanese great mobile networks cover not only major cities but also small cities and even towns with few population in countrysides.
Unlike public free wifi that is available in a limited area, you will be online across Japan with our pocket WiFi and SIM card.

Believe us, it's nice to have your own mobile internet while traveling!

Check Coverage Map

Japan Prepaid SIM Plans

Available in 6 different data plans.

10GB Data SIM

10GB / 60days

¥ 9,180
(excl. tax)

5GB Data SIM

5GB / 30days

¥ 6,880
(excl. tax)

3GB Data SIM

3GB / 30days

¥ 4,980
(excl. tax)

1GB Data SIM

1GB / 15days

¥ 3,180
(excl. tax)

500MB Data SIM

500MB / 7days

¥ 1,980
(excl. tax)

100MB/day Data SIM


¥ 2,680
(excl. tax)

Pocket WiFi or SIM?

You might wonder which product would suit you best. Well, they are basically a different product for different needs. Below are their pros and cons that could help you decide which product to go for.

Pocket WiFi Rental


High Speed:
Under the 4G and LTE network, you can expect one of the fastest speeds in Japan.
Big data volume:
You'll get much bigger data packages compare to Prepaid SIM.
Easy Set-Up:
No registration or installation, same steps as using your WiFi at home.
Our portable WiFi device can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.
Words with any devices:
Smartphone, tablet, laptop, you name it, it works.


Rental product:
You have to return it when the rental ends.
Extra device to carry:
It's not big or heavy, but still one more device to carry with you.

Japan Prepaid SIM


No need to return, simply throw it away when you leave Japan.
Great coverage:
Under docomo network, it covers even very small villages in countryside.
Small and light:
It fits in your phone. No need to carry an extra device.


Requires settings:
Japanese SIM requires APN (access point name) settings to make it work.
Works only with unlocked phones:
The phone has to be unlocked to connect to the Japanese cellular network.

Simply put, if you are looking for fast internet or big data packages, go for a Pocket WiFi rental. If you don't want to carry another device or not fancy of rental product, go for a prepaid SIM card.
Either way, your travel would be much easier with your own mobile internet.


It's recommended to order at least 3 days in advance as there might be some restrictions on pickup locations if it's later than that (you can still order though).

But in general, the earlier, the better as we might run out of stock especially in high seasons. We also give early purchasers a discount if they order three weeks or earlier (for Pocket WiFi rental only).

Unfortunately, we currently operate online only and do not have any physical stores.

We can normally deliver an order within 1 - 2 days as long as we have it in stock.

Yes, you can. We accept credit cards through Stripe(a well-known and secure online payment platform).

All the major credit cards and debit cards are accepted.

VISA, MasterCard and AMEX are just a few of them.

Unfortunately, we do not ship overseas. However, we sell our SIM on other sites such as Amazon.comand we also have business partners in some countries too so please email us so that we can assist you buy one locally (if available).