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Prepaid Data SIM Card Sales, Portable WiFi Router Rental in Japan.


Have you ever had difficulty accessing Internet when traveling abroad?

Finding public WiFi topped the list of the difficulties that foreign travelers had during their stay in Japan, with whopping 40% people experienced (Japanese government survey Oct 2011.).

Number of free WiFi is increasing but still far from ubiquitous and they are still spots (dots).

Smartphone with a map application

Internet access anywhere, anytime.

With our WiFi-To-Go or SIM card, you can use Internet on the go at any time and place. If your Internet access is limited to public WiFi hotspot, you might not be able to access when you need it most.

This will definitely make your trip much easier and more comfortable.

Smartphone with a SNS application

Order online, receive at hotel or airport. Dead simple.

You no longer have to walk around to look for sim card or wait in a long line at shop or airport. Save time and save $ too!

Trip with Internet

Cheaper than roaming, for sure.

Still paying for expensive roaming fee or hotel WiFi? You deserve more.

We provide one of the cheapest solutions for safe and reliable Internet access during your stay in Japan.

Tablet with many applications

Imagine, your trip with Internet all the time.

Got lost in Tokyo? Launch Google Maps.
Having difficulty communicating? Launch Google Translate.
Want to share your trip? Launch Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
Need to talk to your family? Launch Skype.

You can do much more with Internet! We call it “Travel 2.0”.

Well over 10,000 travelers using our service every year, with over 150% year-on-year growth.

Our customers are from 82 countries and counting.
We put our customers first. We treat every one of them as a VIP. We promise to provide great service. Because we want to be treated that way.

Flags of the world

We've been in this business since 2011, longer than most of the others. Yes, we are an expert.

We love traveling just like you do.
And we know from our experience that Internet does help a lot when it comes to travel.
You will feel the same with the power of Internet.

Prepaid Data SIM Card

SIM Card That Will Make Your Trip Much Easier.
Easy To Use, Super Convenient, And Good Deal.

  • For Sale
  • From ¥ 2,800
Prepaid Data SIM Card

5 plans available in multiple SIM sizes

Different plans for different needs, in different SIM sizes. Choices are in your hands.

Easy set up, no activation required

Once you receive it, it is ready to use. No need to call to activate, we do that for you.

Disposable, no need to return

Stay connected until the very last minute at the airport before you fly.

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The Ultimate Tool To Stay Connected.
Light & Small. And Yet, Super Powerful Mobile WiFi Router.

  • For Rent
  • From ¥ 252 / day

Fast & Unlimited

Stress-free, worry-free. Couldn't be more confortable. (2 unlimited data plan)


Connects with up to 5 devices, simultaneously.

Works with any WiFi enabled devices

It works even with SIM-locked devices or WiFi-only models. Laptop, tablet, smartphone...you name it, it works perfectly.

early bird discount

Order 3 weeks in advance to save 15%!!

Applicable to WiFi-To-Go rental starting 18/09/2015 or later.

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Full English Support

Customer support is available in English 365 days a year. We respond as quickly as possible for all the inquiries.

Easy Pickup

Pickup is super easy. We deliver your product to hotel, residence, apartment, ryokan, etc. Airport pickup is also available at major international airports.
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Great Coverage Area

More than 94% population coverage guaranteed. Stay connected throughout your trip.

Secure Payment

Payment can be made by credit cards or PayPal account. We assure you that payment is highly secured by the industry-leading technology such as SSL.
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We put our customers first. We treat every one of them as a VIP.
We promise to provide great service. Because we want to be treated that way.