SIM Card


docomo 4G(LTE) / 3G
Daily Data Limit
Network Coverage
99% of national population
SMS / Voice calls
Not Supported
SIM Type / Size
3-in-1 Trio (Mini, Micro, and Nano)
Data top ups
Supported via app
1GB / 7days: 990 yen
2GB / 15days: 1,650 yen
3GB / 30days: 2,310 yen
5GB / 30days: 3,630 yen
10GB / 30days: 6,980 yen

Mobile App & Web App

Monitor Data Usage
Monitor Data Usage
Data Top-Ups
Easy APN Set-up

Compatible Devices

Your device has to be UNLOCKED. We recommend you to rent one of our Pocket WiFi if your device is locked or isn't tested by us.

Below are the frequencies our SIM card use in Japan.

  • 4G: Band 1 (2100MHz) / Band 19 (800MHz) / Band 21 (1500MHz) / Band 3 (1800MHz, Only some areas)
  • 3G: Band 1 (2100MHz) / Band 19 (800MHz)

What's included

What's included
  • SIM Card
  • Set-up Guide
  • Troubleshooting Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I check my data usage (balance) on my SIM?

You can check your data balance online through our App (iOS , Android, and Web).

Q. Can I use tethering (Personal Hotspot)?

Our SIM card does not prohibit tethering (Personal Hotspot), so it should work.

Q. What does standard speed mean? What's the speed?

It is the actual standard speed (not the theoretical figure) for travel SIM cards available on the market.

It's about 2 Mbps for both download and upload. It seems not that fast but fast enough for travel purposes. If you need faster speeds than that, we recommend you to rent our Pocket WiFi 4G or LTE plan .

Q. My device is not on your compatibility list. Does that mean it won't work with your SIM?

Not necessarily. As long as your device is fully unlocked, there is a possibility that it will work. If in case it does not work, we can provide you alternatives such as:

  1. Upgrade to any of our Pocket WiFi plans (the price difference will be charged).
  2. Provide our mobile router to use the SIM (the shipping fee will be charged).

Q. Can I use it outside of Japan?

No, it does not work outside of Japan.

Precaution Statement for SIM Card Purchase

  • Please start using your SIM within 30 days from your pick up date. Otherwise your SIM card will be automatically terminated.
  • Actual speeds vary depending on the location and the cellular network status. We do not guarantee any minimum speeds for both upload and download.