Pocket WiFi LTE

Impeccable Portable WiFi Router for Japan Travel

LTE model is well-balanced given its speed, data volume, coverage and price. Great choice for any length of stay as you can get higher discount for longer rental. Works well for navigations, internet surfing, social media.

Data Allowance
Price: Choose your pickup and return date to get the price.

Best Price Guarantee

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Data Allowance  10GB Bonus
LTE Speed: Free 10GB Bonus + 1GB * Rental Days 
When restricted: Unlimited Data (no cut off) 
Daily Limit No
Downlink / Uplink (Best Effort) 75 Mbps / 25 Mbps
Max Rental Period Unlimited
Coverage 95% of the population
Battery Life (Internet use) At least 8 hours up to 48 hours
Battery Life (Standby time) Up to 120 hours
Portable Power Bank (2400mAh) Free
Size & Weight 90 mm (W), 56 mm (H), 19.9 mm (D), 150 g
Network Softbank LTE/3G Network
Wireless LAN version IEEE802.11 b/g/n, ARIB STD - T66
Simultaneous Connections Up to 5 devices
How To Use Check Our Set-Up Guide >>

Data Cap

We often get questions about data cap and unlimited data plan availability.
As explained in our blog post, every Pocket WiFi in Japan has a monthly data limit at some point where the internet speed is severely restricted under the Fair Usage Policy.
Even if you found a Pocket WiFi labelled as Unlimited Data, you should not assume that you could use data unlimitedly without any speed restrictions because you cannot.

At eConnect Japan, we set 1GB * rental days for the default data allotment which we guarantee that you can use without any possible speed restrictions.

We believe this data allowance is more than enough for normal travel use but we can add extra GB upon request for those who are in need.

Tips: use hotel wifi or other wifi when you download or upload large files.

Bonus: Order now and get extra 10GB data for free!

Data chart

Early Bird Discount


Applicable to rentals starting from
08 September 2018  or later.

Free Mobile Battery

Free Mobile Battery

Free portable battery for all Pocket WiFi rental

How to Pickup and Return Pocket WiFi?

We put a lot of efforts to make rental process easy and hassle-free.



Pickup is available at airport post offices (in Narita, Haneda, Kansai, Chubu and New Chitose), hotels, guest houses, ryokan, post offices in the city, and residence.

So basically you can collect it at any address in Japan.

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For return, all you have to do is put all items in the prepaid return package we provide and drop it in a post box in Japan on the last day of your rental.

Post boxes are pretty much everywhere in Japan. You can find them at street corners, at convenience stores and in airports too.

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Pocket WiFi Package

What's in a package

  • Pocket WiFi (portable WiFi router)
  • Extra Battery (free of charge)
  • Set-up Guide
  • AC Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Return Packet (prepaid envelope)

Precaution Statement for the Pocket WiFi Rental

  • The connection speeds shown above are provided on best effort basis.
    Actual speeds vary depending on location and connection status.
  • Your device must be WiFi enabled.



It was amazing

- Agata Krcmarova    CZ

16 August 2018

Pocket WiFi LTE

Excellent connection. But the battery doesn’t last. But overall satisfied.

- Lally Canlas-Lee    US

14 August 2018

Exactly what I needed

I rented the LTE pocket wifi and it was awesome! I never had a problem with connection anywhere I went and the battery lasted pretty much all day. Plus it came with a portable charger. When I opened the case everything was already fully charged and came with instructions! It was exactly what I needed for using my phone's GPS. I saved a lot of money using the pocket wifi rather than paying per megabyte with my phone company! If I ever go back I will definitely use this product again!

- Zoe Meyers    US

08 August 2018

Japan family trip

The econnect pocket wifi service was awesome. It keep us connect with friend and family and was really help to get the online maps going. It was very easy to use. I highly recommend.

- Ronald Reynoso hernandez    US

07 August 2018

Fast arrival, LTE a bit slow though

Bought this for an emergency as I’ve used all my mobile bandwidth and I needed to get some work done in Japan. Arrived very fast, and it had a generous amount of data included. The LTE service was slower than i expected though. Nonetheless it helped me finish the work I needed to do.

- アヤラ クリストファー    JP

07 August 2018

wow great

fast internet. the pocket wifi is well maintained. will definitely borrow again


05 August 2018

Extremely Useful, Easy-to-Use

I hesitated over getting a pocket wifi for my trip to Tokyo but it made my trip so much more convenient! It was extremely easy to set-up, use, and return - the device is simple, the instructions are clear, and I had no issues with anything during the week I rented it. Even though there are free wifi spots around the city, having the pocket wifi for the stretches in between, or when I needed the internet at a moment's notice, was invaluable. I highly recommend this product/service!

- Andrea Acosta    US

05 August 2018

I had no issue at all!

The pocket WiFi worked well for the entire time I was using it. Coverage was strong even inside the subway train. Value for money indeed.

- John Hecthor Tan Say    PH

04 August 2018

Will use again

The entire process, from ordering on the website, to picking-up at the airport, duration of use, and return, was seamless and taken care of. The peace of mind knowing that I didn't have to think about data I was using to navigate the city or where to find available WiFi proved essential as a visitor. For music streaming, Google Maps use, social media, I found my data type/selection more than adequate. Further, I used this device in out-of-city areas including Nikko, Okutama, and Kamakura with no issue or reduction in speed. The only caveat I found using the pocket WiFi was that I would have liked the battery to have lasted longer as I would need to give it a juice boost by late afternoon (after heavy use during a busy day-period). That said, a portable power bank fixes this issue. Will use again next time I'm in Japan.

- Claire Homer    AU

30 July 2018

A very necessary item for the trip

This was the first time I had the opportunity to use this Pocket Wifi device. Let me tell you, it was a "must" device for our trip. This LTE unit performed very well everywhere we went (including the mountains). Didn't experience any issues with it. Battery life was pretty good. We would get about 8-10hrs per day and then we will recharge at night. Pick up & return process was also very easy and straight forward. I highly recommend this for everyone visiting Japan and will definitely use it again when in Japan.

- Anwar Nagpurwala    US

30 July 2018

Everything you could ask for

No complaints whatsoever. Picked it up at the post office the day after I landed in Osaka. Spent 7 days exploring Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo and was connected the whole time. Battery lasts a solid 8 hours and the portable charger will add at least 3 more hours. Booked the LTE option and had no issues with the speed of the internet. Worked in all spots, no issues with spotty coverage. Would book again.

- Nelson Guillermo Hernandez    CA

28 July 2018

Best way to stay connected

The device was easy to set up and fast - it just worked. Highly recommended.

- Anna Bucsics    AT

28 July 2018

Great value and coverage

Used this plan in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka over a 2 week period. My data was in constant use for social media but I only used about half of what was made available to me. No issues with coverage or connection and pickup/dropoff was a breeze. Can recommend to Japan travellers.

- Lauren Furner    AU

24 July 2018

easy to use

great service all around. a little iffy when underground at times, but perfect between Kyoto and Tokyo otherwise.

- Michael Everitt    US

22 July 2018

Convenient Option

Found the order and delivery process to be extremely convenient. Shipped to my hotel and it was there upon my arrival. Everything had a nice little carrying case to keep in my travel bag. Device worked well overall. No major hiccups with service. The device itself had to be rebooted several times. That's the only reason I left four instead of five stars. It would just inexplicably disconnect itself. Battery life was fair. I was happy they provided the complimentary backup. I do wish there was a language option on the device but I will still order from this Company again on future trips. I recommend you do too.

- Daniel Angona    US

22 July 2018


It was really useful and convenient to use, so the next time I'm in Japan, I would order it again.

- Dan Nguyen    US

20 July 2018

Great product and service

I used the pocket wifi for 10 days in July. It was so much easier and better value than getting a sim card in Japan (which my aunty had to do, she got 1GB for $25). It was delivered to the hotel and given to me upon my arrival. There is a backup power bank included too. I had no problems with the product or service. I returned everything at the airport (Narita Terminal 2). I got the 25 GB option which meant that I could also use it at the hotel when their wifi was slow.

- Vannarath Lay    AU

17 July 2018


I rented pocket wifi for the first time when in Japan, last time I purchased an econnect simcard. They even sent it on the day of purchase to the hotel that I'm staying.
I think wifi pocket is more affordable than the simcard, the only down side is the battery and the wifi pocket heat up quite a lot, I was a bit worried that it might start fire (I visited Japan during summer). The speed is faster than I expected and the connection range is very wide.

Overall, it is a very convenient way to stay connect with family and friends. I would definitely rent this pocket wifi again in the future. Thank you for making my trip enjoyable!

- Jessica Tjia    GB

17 July 2018

Great connection, value for money, and service!

This is the best pocket wifi rental service I've used. Pick up is very convenient since they can deliver it to your hotel. Similarly, drop off is through any post box in town. They even provide the package to mail it in. Connection was really good. Customer service was amazing too! They were very responsive and helpful every time I contacted them. Definitely using eConnect's services again.

- Celine Sugay    PH

17 July 2018


I will difenitly use this again and also recommend it to my friends. Pocket WiFi was very easy to order and easy to return.

- Mayako Hamrick    US

16 July 2018

just as promised!

e-connect delivered a faultless service. Having their pocket wi-fi with me - providing continuous internet access to my cell phone - was invaluable!

- Helen McIIleron    ZA

16 July 2018

Good Wifi

The wifi speeds were pretty good and reliable. The only thing that could have made this better is if it lasted more than 8 hours. If you're out long, you'll have to charge it before the end of the day.

- Michael Jiang    US

14 July 2018

Simple &efficient

We ordered the pocket WiFi a day and a half score our arrival to japan. Since we were arriving late at night, we had it delivered to the hotel. Worked as promised, was fast and reliable. Returning it at the airport was as easy as getting it: the delivery box contained a return envelope and instructions—and the lost boxes are pretty much everywhere.

- Denis Bosnic    SK

30 June 2018

Very usefull

So efficient and last all day.


27 June 2018

The most important assistant of our trip

As the title says, without Internet it would be difficult to find what to do, where to go, translate your language to japanese etc. And Pocket WiFi did deliver on this aspect. We had Internet even between subway srations! The 21GB offered were more than enough for the days we spent there and the LTE we chose was perfect even for lite streaming
Highly recommended then!


23 June 2018

Easy and convenient

Helped make my Japan trip so much more fun and easier as i never had to worry about getting lost and having no access to googlemaps. 10/10 would do again

- Josyn Palma    PH

21 June 2018

MVP Of My Vacation

I would not have been able to navigate Japan during my two week vacation without my pocket wifi from eConnect. I ordered it from home in the USA two days before I was set to travel and thankfully it was waiting for me at the front desk of my first hotel. Within a few minutes I was set up and ready to explore Tokyo using GPS on my iPhone. The instructions to connect were very simple and I had no issues through my 10 day trip. It was wonderful being able to easily communicate with family and friends back home quickly and conveniently without hunting for available wifi. Returning it by post was simple too. Thank you for the amazing service, eConnect!

- Adrienne Minor    US

20 June 2018

Easy pick up and return, some loss of connections

As others said the service is perfect. The extra powerbank comes in handy for emergencies. In busy places (restaurants) I sometimes experienced a connection loss and was unable to reconnect my ipad. The moment I left there it was reconnected again.

- R. Zoomer    NL

20 June 2018

Reliable pocket WiFi LTE at a very reasonable rental fee.

Very reliable LTE pocket WiFi even in mountainous area like Mt Fuji. The 10GB promotional offer is a big plus. Highly recommended this service for reliability and ease of pickup and return of rental pocket WiFi and accessories.

- Binh Vien Khuu    US

19 June 2018

Great Coverage

We ordered econnect lite at almost the last minute. The portable modem arrived at the hotel shortly after we did and worked consistently throughout the trip. Great coverage and loading speed.

- Liam Connell    AU

18 June 2018


It is the day we ask you to post the rental items back to us. You can simply drop it in any post box in Japan. We request that you do so by midnight on your return date.

You do not have to worry about how long it will take to get to us as long as you post it in time.

4G & LTE Plan

The total data allowance is 1GB * Rental Days (e.g. 10GB for 10 days rental) which we believe is (more than) enough data volume for normal travel purposes. Note that there is no daily limit so you can use more than 1GB in a day as long as you do not exceed your total data allowance.
Once you reach the total data allotment, it's subject to speed restriction from the network provider. If their system thinks your device is consuming too much data to affect the other users, they might apply speed restriction on your device.

What does 1GB data get you? See our web page.

25GB & 10GB Plan

The total data allowance is 25GB and 10GB respectively for those plans. Same as 4G & LTE plan, it's subject to speed restriction from the network provider once you reach the total data allotment. If their system thinks your device is consuming too much data to affect the other users, they might apply speed restriction on your device.

3G & 300K Plan

They are unlimited with fair usage policy. 

Under the Fair Usage Policy, the network provider shall have the right to reduce and restrict the data access speed (upload and download) for customers who have used an excessive amount of data in a short period of time, which can adversely affect the network quality & deteriorate surfing experience for majority of the users in the shared network.
This policy is applied to ensure customers shall have a fair opportunity to access to and enjoy the local data network.

No, it does not work outside of Japan.

It might work near coastlines but probably not at further from the land.

It is possible to extend it unless we are fully booked.
The extra fee will be calculated based on your original daily rental rate.

Please email us atinfo@econnectjapan.comwith the following information when you need to extend your rental. We ask that you do so as early as possible.

  • Your Oder Number (ECJ-W-XXXX)
  • Number of days you'd like to extend