Pocket WiFi 4G

Reliable Portable WiFi Router for Japan Travel

4G model is most popular and is best suited for travelers looking for a fast, reliable mobile internet. Fastest speed, large data volume, and wide coverage, it has everything you need. Absolutely no drawbacks. The longer you rent, the bigger discount you get.

Data Allowance
Price: Choose your pickup and return date to get the price.

Best Price Guarantee

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Data Allowance  10GB Bonus
4G Speed: Free 10GB Bonus + 1GB * Rental Days 
When restricted: Unlimited Data (no cut off) 
Daily Limit No
Downlink / Uplink (Best Effort) 187.5 Mbps / 37.5 Mbps
What's the speed like? >>
Max Rental Period Unlimited
Coverage 99% of the population
Battery Life (Internet use) At least 8 hours up to 48 hours
Battery Life (Standby time) Up to 120 hours
Portable Power Bank (2400mAh) Free
Size & Weight 104 mm (W), 60 mm (H), 18.2 mm (D), 150 g
Network Softbank 4G LTE Network
Wireless LAN version IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, ARIB STD - T66
Simultaneous Connections Up to 10 devices
How To Use Check Our Set-Up Guide >>

Data Cap

We often get questions about data cap and unlimited data plan availability.
As explained in our blog post, every Pocket WiFi in Japan has a monthly data limit at some point where the internet speed is severely restricted under the Fair Usage Policy.
Even if you found a Pocket WiFi labelled as Unlimited Data, you should not assume that you could use data unlimitedly without any speed restrictions because you cannot.

At eConnect Japan, we set 1GB * rental days for the default data allotment which we guarantee that you can use without any possible speed restrictions.

We believe this data allowance is more than enough for normal travel use but we can add extra GB upon request for those who are in need.

Tips: use hotel wifi or other wifi when you download or upload large files.

Bonus: Order now and get extra 10GB data for free!

Data chart

What's the speed like?

You might wonder how fast 4G speed would be. Our 4G model is definitely one of the fastest in Japan, the country ranks high in mobile internet speed. We have not heard any complaint about its speed.
So be assured that your internet experience will be comfortable and smooth.

Having said that, it's important to note the figures for both download and upload in the specification above are the theoretical ones at best effort. In the actual use case, the speed will be as not high as those numbers because you are not the only one using the network at any given time. Since the mobile network is shared with many users, the traffic that can go through at a time is limited. Simply put, when more people using more data, the speed will not go that fast.

Speed meter

Early Bird Discount


Applicable to rentals starting from
11 July 2018  or later.

Free Mobile Battery

Free Mobile Battery

Free portable battery for all Pocket WiFi rental

How to Pickup and Return Pocket WiFi?

We put a lot of efforts to make rental process easy and hassle-free.



Pickup is available at airport post offices (in Narita, Haneda, Kansai, Chubu and New Chitose), hotels, guest houses, ryokan, post offices in the city, and residence.

So basically you can collect it at any address in Japan.

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For return, all you have to do is put all items in the prepaid return package we provide and drop it in a post box in Japan on the last day of your rental.

Post boxes are pretty much everywhere in Japan. You can find them at street corners, at convenience stores and in airports too.

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Pocket WiFi Package

What's in a package

  • Pocket WiFi (portable WiFi router)
  • Extra Battery (free of charge)
  • Set-up Guide
  • AC Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Return Packet (prepaid envelope)

Precaution Statement for the Pocket WiFi Rental

  • The connection speeds shown above are provided on best effort basis.
    Actual speeds vary depending on location and connection status.
  • Network provider (Softbank) reserves the right to restrict the connection speed for those who have used significant amount of data in a short period of time (or for those whose network activities are considered as suspicious).
  • Your device must be WiFi enabled.


Super convenient and easy.

Worked perfectly and could not have been easier.

- Kari Helgason    SE

20 June 2018

Second Time, Still Excellent Service

Honestly I love eConnect. I used their wifi unit two years ago when travelling alone and this year with two siblings with me. Wifi was consistent and easy to use! Easy to pick up, super easy to drop off, overall 10/10 service. If you're going to Japan, this makes travel a million times easier! Order early too! ;)

- Michelle Abbott    CA

20 June 2018

Easy pick up n return

It was very good no problem with wifi connection and easy return envelope to leave at the hotel makes it convenient n easy to use n return.

- Sandra Chung    US

20 June 2018

Convenient and easy to use service

I have now used econnect three times and have not had any major problems. When I did have an unexpected and unexplainable service interruption their customer service was great and they quickly refunded me for the unused portion.

- Wesley Oda    US

20 June 2018

Very good Connectivity

I am very happy with the Wifi, that delivers excellent connectivity and speed for my usage in Japan.

- Benjamin Yeo    SG

19 June 2018

Pocket Wifi Rental in Japan

I was very nervous about purchasing a wifi device over the internet. My first idea was to use my phone carrier, but that failed after they told me my family plan was ineligible for the international wifi plan. Upset, but determined to get wifi while on my trip, I came across eConnect. Very reasonable, easy to follow instructions and they had good reviews. The wifi devices were waiting for us at our hotel in Japan. Everthing went well and we returned it in the envelope provided. Mahalo for making our trip to Japan a success!

- Deborah Matsuura    US

19 June 2018


Overall we think the collection is fast, easy and smooth. Easy to purchase, use and value for money. Good option. Surely will consider to use it again in future.
However, one of the powerbank has slight deficiency and overheated very fast compared to the other one.


19 June 2018


Did exactly what I needed. Had a couple connectivity issues and if the battery life could be a bit longer naturally would be perfect (because it's hard to find so many outlets when you need to charge your phones as well) but very happy with the product.

- Yiu Hung Wu    NZ

19 June 2018

Great product and great service!

I was a bit worried about having to rely on a pocket wifi for the 7 days in Japan, but i had nothing to worry about because my wife and i were able to use easily and worry free the entire trip! The one thing I would recommend is to have and use a external power bank to extend the life, especially if you are out all day and all night.

- Julian Calderon    US

19 June 2018

Convenient and Reliable

Great experience with the device. Fast and reliable. Ordering and return were super easy. Highly recommended.

- Jinghua Zhang    US

19 June 2018

Pocket WiFi 4G

Invaluable thing to have on the trip abroad, in particular where the surf is expensive. 20GB to spend in 10 Days was mora than enough. Inexpensive, stable, reliable and fast.

- Niko Marsic    SE

18 June 2018

Perfect Tool/Accessory for a Visit to Tokyo

The pocket WiFi worked almost perfectly...had to reset it a couple of mornings to get my phone to connect. The was plenty of bandwidth for five of us to connect and browse. It was an essential tool for navigating Tokyo and the rail system. The unit was sent ahead of time and was in a great location upon arrival (I used a neighborhood post office as Saturday delivery to Haneda was not an option). Leaving it on all day, it was important to have the portable charger which accompanied the unit. The prepaid postage and envelope made return very easy--used a post box pre-security at Haneda airport.

- William A. Neal    US

18 June 2018


Excellent pocket wifi for tourists.

- Aurelio Dacalos Jr    US

17 June 2018

Perfect procedure

The ordered device was delivered just in time to the hotel.
Functionality and usability very good. Envelope (filled in) for easy return per post was provided. Very good explanations in English. Thank you.

- Roland Burghausen    DE

17 June 2018

Great service!!!

I was in Japan for a week and I found pocket wifi 4G is the best option for me. I relied heavily on this pocket wifi during my time here in Japan and I used googlemap the most. I also used this when I stayed at airbnb as I didn't bother to ask for instructions to log into wifi haha I picked up my pocket wifi at Narita airport, the post office was easy to find. The instruction was clear and it was very easy to use. I will rent this pocket wifi again when I visit Japan in the future ^^

- Hien Nguyen    NZ

16 June 2018

Excellent Experience

We visited Japan for 3 weeks. The WiFi modem was at the hotel upon our arrival, as promised. Connection to the internet was simple and reliable. The equipment was returned at the end of our trip in the pre-addressed envelope provided. eConnect's service is excellent and highly recommended.

- David Ralph    AU

16 June 2018


Wifi was super fast and it was incredibly easy to pick up and return. Customer service is also outstanding!

- Christine Lam    US

16 June 2018

Convenient and easy to use

So glad we decided to get this pocket WiFi for our trip. It saved us many times with directions and translations in Japan, and was easy to connect and convenient to drop off, price was fair and well worth the cost. The post office was a little rough to find for the initial pick up, wish there was a closer location to airline arrivals. Thank you!

- Matthew Czerniak    US

16 June 2018

Seamless process.

Easy to book via website and to collect from airport. Envelope provided to return, so this part was easy too! Only slight downside I found was that the pocket WiFi only lasts about 10 hours? Being a tourist in Japan we were out longer than this. They do provide a portable charger, but this just adds another thing to carry around and something else to send back. If you are mindful of this then this product is highly recommended!

- Simon Kai Bond Chang    GB

15 June 2018

Excellent service

Ordered the package in advance and picked it up from KIX airport. After one minute from turning it on, all our 5 smartphones were connected to internet. 20MB/s download / upload speeds sufficed our needs. Good coverage around Osaka / Kioto area.

- Arto Nuutila    FI

15 June 2018

Highly recommend!!

This pocket wifi were one of our holy grails when we travelled to Japan. We picked it up from the airport post office with no issues. There were helpful instructions on how to use it and how to return it.
The battery lasted us all day - two mobile phones connected and the wifi was switched on all day. The wifi speed was outstanding! Whether you’re at the countryside, on the shinkansen, shopping malls it worked fantastic. I believe the price is very reasonable too. We got 20gb for 10 days of use and we only managed to use up 11gb. I got reminder emails about picking it up at the start of our trip and returning it back before the end of our trip. Returning it was very easy and handy. Overall, I had a very pleasant experience with econnectjapan. Highly recommend!

- Jenise Magtaan    IE

15 June 2018

Overal bereikbaar

Zeer goed geregeld, vanaf het ophalen op het vliegveld tot het inleveren. Duidelijke handleiding daardoor makkelijk in gebruik. Aan te bevelen!

- Selma Ordeman    NL

15 June 2018


4G pocket WIFI worked great, never lost WiFi connection in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara or Hiroshima. Definitely will get again! Was at the hotel when we checked in and just gave the envelope for the hotel to mail when we checked out.

- Carolyn Patterson    US

15 June 2018

worked as advertised

a good solution when traveling outside major cities. or even in those cities, especially for longer trips when Verizon's $10/day International plan adds up quickly. Only lack is phone service; if one needs to reach those without internet access (there are a few left) one either has to use US carrier or plan to stay in a hotel with the "Handy" phone service.

- Emily Galusha    US

15 June 2018

Very reliable

Pocket wifi worked very well. Only downside was the battery wouldn't last a full day.

- Kyle Kovacic    US

15 June 2018


Very helpful tool to stay connected to the internet. Worked everywhere without problems. Perfect service.

- Marco Humbel    CH

14 June 2018

Great Service, Easy to Use and No Issues

So simple to use, and reasonably priced. good communication and would definitely recommend it to anyone

- Peter Lam    AU

14 June 2018

Reliable high speed access

First time user of pocket wifi and would definitely use again. Service was high speed and reliable. Back up battery was a great addition.

- Marissa Madden    AU

14 June 2018

Great coverage, great speed

I used the 4G Mobile WiFi to connect 3 devices on a 15 day trip of Japan. It worked great. Fit easily into the pocket too. It does come with a backup battery which I used probably half the days on the trip. Something else to carry unfortunately but necessary. Sometimes I wouldn’t be connected and I would have to tap the device to get it to enable its radio.

- Robert Acosta    US

13 June 2018

Exactly what we needed!

Device worked perfectly over the 2 week period, had fantastic reception and was easy to bring everywhere we went. Would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone travelling around Japan.

- Tim Headley    GB

13 June 2018


It is the day we ask you to post the rental items back to us. You can simply drop it in any post box in Japan. We request that you do so by midnight on your return date.

You do not have to worry about how long it will take to get to us as long as you post it in time.

Once your data consumption reaches your total data allotment, it is subject to speed restriction from the network operator.
The network operator does not disclose when (or in what cases) the restriction applies or how slow it will be under the restriction.

Please be assured that the internet connection won't be cut off.

It depends on our data pooling status at the point of your purchase request. It might be possible in most cases but we cannot guarantee.

Please email us atinfo@econnectjapan.comif and when you need additional data.

With the extra portable battery we provide, it normally lasts for a whole day.

However, it really depends on how often and how long you use the device.

It comes with a SIM card inside as a unit. You do not have to buy anything extra.