Pocket WiFi 4G

Reliable Portable WiFi Router for Japan Travel

4G model is most popular and is best suited for travelers looking for a fast, reliable mobile internet. Fastest speed, large data volume, and wide coverage, it has everything you need. Absolutely no drawbacks. The longer you rent, the bigger discount you get.

Data Allowance
Price: Choose your pickup and return date to get the price.

Best Price Guarantee

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Data Allowance  10GB Bonus
4G Speed: Free 10GB Bonus + 1GB * Rental Days 
When restricted: Unlimited Data (no cut off) 
Daily Limit No
Downlink / Uplink (Best Effort) 187.5 Mbps / 37.5 Mbps
What's the speed like? >>
Max Rental Period Unlimited
Coverage 99% of the population
Battery Life (Internet use) At least 8 hours up to 48 hours
Battery Life (Standby time) Up to 120 hours
Portable Power Bank (2400mAh) Free
Size & Weight 104 mm (W), 60 mm (H), 18.2 mm (D), 150 g
Network Softbank 4G LTE Network
Wireless LAN version IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, ARIB STD - T66
Simultaneous Connections Up to 10 devices
How To Use Check Our Set-Up Guide >>

Data Cap

We often get questions about data cap and unlimited data plan availability.
As explained in our blog post, every Pocket WiFi in Japan has a monthly data limit at some point where the internet speed is severely restricted under the Fair Usage Policy.
Even if you found a Pocket WiFi labelled as Unlimited Data, you should not assume that you could use data unlimitedly without any speed restrictions because you cannot.

At eConnect Japan, we set 1GB * rental days for the default data allotment which we guarantee that you can use without any possible speed restrictions.

We believe this data allowance is more than enough for normal travel use but we can add extra GB upon request for those who are in need.

Tips: use hotel wifi or other wifi when you download or upload large files.

Bonus: Order now and get extra 10GB data for free!

Data chart

What's the speed like?

You might wonder how fast 4G speed would be. Our 4G model is definitely one of the fastest in Japan, the country ranks high in mobile internet speed. We have not heard any complaint about its speed.
So be assured that your internet experience will be comfortable and smooth.

Having said that, it's important to note the figures for both download and upload in the specification above are the theoretical ones at best effort. In the actual use case, the speed will be as not high as those numbers because you are not the only one using the network at any given time. Since the mobile network is shared with many users, the traffic that can go through at a time is limited. Simply put, when more people using more data, the speed will not go that fast.

Speed meter

Early Bird Discount


Applicable to rentals starting from
14 February 2018  or later.

Free Mobile Battery

Free Mobile Battery

Free portable battery for all Pocket WiFi rental

How to Pickup and Return Pocket WiFi?

We put a lot of efforts to make rental process easy and hassle-free.



Pickup is available at airport post offices (in Narita, Haneda, Kansai, Chubu and New Chitose), hotels, guest houses, ryokan, post offices in the city, and residence.

So basically you can collect it at any address in Japan.

See Details


For return, all you have to do is put all items in the prepaid return package we provide and drop it in a post box in Japan on the last day of your rental.

Post boxes are pretty much everywhere in Japan. You can find them at street corners, at convenience stores and in airports too.

See Details
Pocket WiFi Package

What's in a package

  • Pocket WiFi (portable WiFi router)
  • Extra Battery (free of charge)
  • Set-up Guide
  • AC Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Return Packet (prepaid envelope)

Precaution Statement for the Pocket WiFi Rental

  • The connection speeds shown above are provided on best effort basis.
    Actual speeds vary depending on location and connection status.
  • Network provider (Softbank) reserves the right to restrict the connection speed for those who have used significant amount of data in a short period of time (or for those whose network activities are considered as suspicious).
  • Your device must be WiFi enabled.


Perfect again!!

This was the second time I used the service of eConnect. And again it was how it should be. Everywhere I went with the device there was good reception. I won't hesitate to use the service again in the future!!

- Philippe Gallois    NL

23 January 2018

So much data

I have rented through reconnect before and run out of data. This time I made sure to order enough and it was fantastic. I always had service and data did not run out. Thank you.

- Ellen Waters    AU

23 January 2018

Happy customer

Great product
Very happy with the service and have recommended it to friends traveling to Japan

- Alexandra Puletti    AU

22 January 2018

Makes life a lot easier

I have travelled to Japan many times but it is the first time I have hired pocket WiFi. Although there are a large number or free hotspots in Japan, I have a tendency of visiting places where that is not an option. Internet reception was good wherever I went. Econnect's website was simple to use and I found having this as an option made my life a lot easier when travelling through area's I was unfamiliar with.

- Ian Host    AU

21 January 2018

This was a lifesaver and helped make my trip to Japan worry free and memorable.

This was single handedly the best investment I made on my trip to Japan. It worked everywhere I visited and made my trip 1000× smoother. I can't recommend it enough. It's worth every cent and then some.

- Javier Santiago    US

21 January 2018

Helps a lot!

Placing an English review so it can reach more people :)
The internet in Jp is #1 priority for not always you will have a free wifi zone. Google translator, routes with train schedules, local stores reviews and more.
I want to make sure that you understand that the service is awesome and the price fair. The main reason for the long post is leaving a hint for family travels. Our 3 iPad were responsible for 80% of the traffic on updates and whatever else Apple did with these devices. So pay attention to your data use. No streaming and no YouTube, ok? With this you should keep enough Gbs to download a few movies on your Netflix and watch them on the plane back home ;)

- Rafael Lopes Lagos

21 January 2018

Excellent service worked perfectly

Had no bad experiences with my wifi device. Battery easily lasted a day and the rechargable battery bank given with the unit is perfect. Had no signal lost and speeds are excellent. 5 stars

- Mark Evans    GB

20 January 2018

Excelent service!

The service is excelent.


20 January 2018

Everything was perfect!

Great Wifi connection for my whole holiday.
Arrived at my Hotel before I arrived.
Easy return at the Airport Post Box.
Everything about it was great! Really recommended

- Ellen Dudley    GB

19 January 2018

Good experience

I had an overall very good experience. Delivery was without a problem, the device very solid and the coverage very good. Just had a short connection time out one day (1-2 hours).

- Christian Weber    DE

19 January 2018

Great option for pocket wifi

Easy pick-up and drop-off. Worked just great. We went from Tokyo to Kyoto and Osaka and had no problem whatsoever. Reasonable price for good internet connection. We paid for the 26Go pack and it was enough for the duration of our stay in Japan. Would definitely recommend.

- DAO    FR

18 January 2018


thanks to econnectjapan...so i can stay online,no getting lost,transletting,gaming etc.note for backpackers...you must rent econnect in japan.
thank you

- yohannes iman wahyudi    ID

18 January 2018


First time I traveled tô Japan was a pain cause couldn’t use google maps on the streets, only on cafes and shoppings. With the pocket WiFi I could even do long distant calls using apps and internet. Just awesome!

- Daniel Marliere Letti    BR

16 January 2018

Amazingly helpful

The main piece of advice others had for us before heading to Japan was get a pocket WiFi connection! How true this was to be. We had the Econnect pocket WiFi for 25 days and it got a workout every day. It was invaluable for everything from researching daytrips to translations to currency conversion. Had connection wherever we went throughout the country and the entire process was made incredibly simple by eConnect with a straightforward airport post office pickup then drop off when we left. 100% reccomended!!

- Ben Wilcox    AU

16 January 2018


Pocket WiFi arrived when it was meant to, worked perfectly everywhere on every day we used it (16 days), and easily returned at the end of the trip. No complaints at all.

- Mr David Wright    GB

16 January 2018

Solid Pocket WiFi

Second time renting from eConnect and the experience was just as good as the previous time.

Pocket WiFi works well all around and you'll always have power thanks to the portable charger that's included with the rental.

Looking forward to renting from you again. Thank you.

- Masaki Yamagata    US

16 January 2018

Very good

Very reliable... Even in the provinces if japan

- Flame Lara    PH

15 January 2018

Super Easy

Wi-Fi card worked great. The best part was the easy pickup and drop off.

- Jon Thomas    US

15 January 2018

Keep connecting‼️

It was great to have this pocket wifi while travelling in Japan. Most hotels had free wifi in the room but some onsen ryokan had wifi only in lobby not in the room. So it was so good to have this.

- Misao Saltoon    AU

15 January 2018

Indispensible to Navigate

The pocket WiFi was extremely useful to get around using Google maps. It was very easy to order, it was waiting at the hotel, instructions were easy to follow and very easy to return.

- Carol Haines    US

15 January 2018

As advertised

Everything was as advertised!

- Danny Kuang    US

15 January 2018

Convenient, Easy to Use, No fuss at all

We hired the pocket WI-FI weeks before our departure and instructed them to send it to our hotel. It was seamless, easy to use and we did not encounter any problems throughout the trip. We sent back the device at the end of our trip at the airport. It was again seamless. Highly recommended.

- Ben Lo    AU

14 January 2018

100% efficiency

I highly recommend the service! Since the first time we rented (December 2016, which was a good performance), we noticed clear improvements this year: the 4G Wi-Fi 10Gb set was perfect for my family use, always available everywhere we had been (Kyoto, Tokyo), battery duration much better, model easy for use too. All this along with the practicality to rent through the web site, reliability, easy to return the set (mail envelop, drop points etc) and assertive emails communications.
To improve? To expand the service worldwide... we missed it in Europe...

- Paulo Tsuyama Escote    BR

14 January 2018

Perfect pocket WI FI

Very good service at airport post office, easy return to box post office
Perfect performance and easy to use


13 January 2018


Everything was great and worked so well!

- Jordi Aranda Diaz    ES

12 January 2018

Reliable and fast wifi

The pocket wifi was excellent and a great help with our tour of Tokyo. We picked up the gadget from Shibuya Post Office. Prior to the pick-up, E-connect emailed me an instruction in Japanese which I showed to the post office person and received the package immediately. We got a 4g plan. The connection was fast and always available. We stayed mainly in Central Tokyo and wifi signal was always available and and connection was fast. Signal was enough to service our numerous gadgets' wifi needs.

Battery life of the pocket wifi lasted about 8 hours. But recharging on the go was no problem since the rental came with a power bank enough to charge it for another 5 to 8 hours of use. Charge depends on the number of gadgets connected to it. Returning the rental wifi was easy. We just dropped it off at the post office box inside the airport. No fuss.

E-connect's pocket wifi price plan is reasonable, the service is excellent and convenient for a traveler. Next time we go back to Japan, we're sure to rent again from E-connect.


12 January 2018


We loved our pocket wifi - it worked all over Japan, even skiing in Hokkaido!

No problems at all and we stayed out all day and never ran out of battery or data!

It was in our hotel when we arrived and we dropped it off at Narita in the mailbox when we were leaving 2 weeks later!

- Stephen Wolf    US

12 January 2018

Highly recommended :)

I am happy to use the device because Internet connection is fast. Even during my last days of my stay the connection was really good. I had experience before with other services of pocket Wi-fi that it suddenly slows down when the due date is about to end.
The rent was also cheap and I can't believe how good the service in econnectjapan pocket Wi-fi. I went home as a happy customer. Thank you.

- Mary Jomelyn Aso    PH

12 January 2018

Brilliant as always!

Using the service of Econnect for many years ( previously I wrote my name as Vladimir Yakovlev, but now my surname is changed for Mr. Iakovlev). We are good friends with Shuhei Koyama (best regards from me). And this time everything was great as usual doesnt’ matter either on the slope in Appi-Kogen or in Shinkansen to Nikko. We used with my wife 3 devices, plus our friends switched in to us. Speed was great, and internal battery life span was practically enough for the whole day. For sure, will use only your support in the future.

Best Regards,
Vladimir Iakovlev (Yakovlev)/ Sumitec LTD/ Sumitomo Corporation Group of companies

- Vladimir Iakovlev    RU

11 January 2018

So simple and convenient

From the pick up to the last day everything went great. No problem.

- Alix Dupoy de guitard    HK

11 January 2018

Easy way to be connected!

I was depended on my pocket wifi, which worked just as it should. I couldn't imagine travelling without one. I constantly checked the next subways, next routes for walking, cafe houses and so on. The battery lasted well and the delivery and posting it back was easy. I recommend.

- Jussi Pajuniemi    FI

10 January 2018

Very convenient and reliable

E connect wifi router was excellent and was very useful for our 2 weeks trip to Japan. Right from shipping to returning the product, the process was simple. Thank you very much!


10 January 2018


Internet virtually anywhere in Tokyo! I’m glad I rented this little wifi box.

- Anil Sharma-Ramcharand    CA

09 January 2018

Thank you E-Connect

This is my second time, I use Econnect service. And it was very good as always. Everything is run smooth. And it made my trip to Japan easier.

- RIKI    ID

09 January 2018

Good connectivity

Connection was good and hassle free

- Adrian Chai    SG

09 January 2018

Having wifi everywhere was great

I used the wifi for everything. To get directions, keeping my family and friends back home updated with what I was doing. This was my third time ordering from econnect Japan and alwaus had internet even up in the onsen I stayed at in the mountains.

- Horn Kim Seng    US

09 January 2018


No problems!

- Guido Baldoni    IT

08 January 2018

Perfect for European tourist

All perfect. Received to the hotel reception and for all our travel we have fast and always on internet connection. A must have for Japan travel.

- Michele Scognamiglio    IT

08 January 2018

Good Wifi

Good pocket wifi
it is small and light and has good battery.
Very useful

- William Ying Xin Wu    ZA

08 January 2018

A travel essential

Such a necessity. Quick delivery, fantastic speed and battery power. 10/10

- Jayne martin    AU

08 January 2018

Efficient service, very good data speeds

I ordered the devices online at the last minute. The website wouldn't let me book devices for the next day but it did indicate that I could message eConnect to check device availability. I sent a message, got an immediate reply and was hooked up to 2 devices that were waiting for me at the hotel as soon as I checked in.

Hassle-free and very efficient! Data speeds were as advertised and was consistent throughout my trip, across cities.

Will use this again and will recommend to friends!

- Ma Rosario Juan    PH

08 January 2018

Easy to used.

The Device is very easy to used. And the network is stable even thou we are at the Niseko. There are no problem for me to connected it and work on it.

Thank you.

- Hew yoke Loan    SG

08 January 2018


Reception is good. We get constant wifi as long as the battery lasts (we start using at 7am and it last til around 6pm before we have to charge). Power bank is included so we can recharge it on the go. The router was sent to us at the hotel and was given to us upon arrival and return postal envelope was also included so we can just drop it at the airport before we leave japan. All in all, the wifi experience is perfect and the convenience is superb.

- Hongadi Chandra    ID

08 January 2018


Works well. Very good speeds everywhere we went in Japan.

- Shang Wang    AU

08 January 2018

Connection is good but battery life is bad

The service provided for pick up and drop off is instructed clearly and easy for traveler. The connection is good but the battery life is pretty bad. It didn’t last the whole day and even the portable charger couldn’t suffice as the portable charger also not good.

- Cindy Suryadi Halim    ID

08 January 2018


Fiquei o tempo todo no Japão conectado, sem nenhum dia de falha!
Comparado se fosse usar meu plano de dados da operadora seria uma fortuna
Totalmente recomendado!


08 January 2018

Pocket Wifi

The pocket wifi was very easy to use and the instructions were very clear. It was a good size and easy to hold. The internet was very fast and strong and connected to many devices. My only big issue was the battery of the pocket wifi. It would die too quickly and I was not able to use it all day. I was forced to switch it off so that the battery would not die. Other than that, I was very pleased.

- Fatamah Altamtam    KW

07 January 2018

Reliable, fast and easy to use

The pocket wifi instructions were easy to follow and the wifi served us well throughout our trip. The unit ran out of battery power on a couple of our more longer days but the extra battery pack they provided allowed us to charge it on the fly. Overall a good experience.

- Gavin Rooke    CA

07 January 2018

Good Service: Supported 4 phones

I would use eConnect again! I researched a lot and their price was one of the best. The service was easy to use and we had four phones running off the wifi. No complaints from our family!

- Erin Unebasami    US

06 January 2018

Excellent solution to stay connected in Japan

If it were possible, I would have rated it with four and a half stars*. Anyway:
-Excellent service
-Delivery on schedule
-Excellent device - convenient handling
-Simple return shipment
*The deduction of half a star: The Pocket WiFi battery could last a little bit longer.

- Moreno Dodi    CH

05 January 2018

Never go to Japan without it

eConnect was recommended by a friend and i completely understand why. It was problem free the entire time we were over there. We never had any issues with it, the battery life was insanely long and it was beyond easy to use. The next time i go to Japan, eConnect will be one of the first things i will be organizing. Make it a staple of your Japanese adventure, just as i have.

- Christina Mammone    AU

05 January 2018

Fantastic service! Highly recommended!

I was quite late to order a pocket wifi, as I first didn´t want to use one, but a friend told me, how easy it would be to order via eConnect Japan. So I decided to make a try and it worked out fantastic. Ordered from Germany three days before arriving (Weekend and Christmas between!), the parcel was already in my hotelroom. It was very easy to install it, just like your wifi at home, and I loved it! I would have get lost without and it was so easy to send it back. I will definitely book it again, when back in Japan. And it so much cheaper than other mobile wifis. I loved it! Thank you eConnect Japan, you made my holidays very beautiful, as everythink worked out so fantastic easy with you and your mobile Wifi. Happy new year, greetings from Munich. Lisa

- Hoelzle, Elisabeth    DE

05 January 2018

Simple and Easy

Pocket WiFi was easy to pick up at Narita and helped keep me connected everywhere I went in Japan so I never got lost, and google translate could help me communicate

- James Pittman    US

05 January 2018

Perfect! For travelers!

I traveled for about 2 months with this pocket WiFi and no matter where I was it worked very well! I recommend for this backpackers! This did me wonders on the country side when I was lost! 10/10!!

- Guillermo Flores    US

04 January 2018

Smooth, reliable and simple to use and order

I was in Japan for two weeks and the pocket Wi-Fi devices were waiting for me at hotel check-in. They were fully charged and easy to connect and use immediately. It had coverage in all parts of areas I visited in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. I would definitely recommend econnect Japan to anyone who needs reliable Wi-Fi service. The price was very reasonable and service was excellent.

- Peter Hollero    US

03 January 2018

Completely satisfied from pick up to return

The whole process from ordering, through pickup, and return was *extremely* easy and worked perfectly. Will use again when I return to Japan. Thanks eConnect!!

- John McCabe    GB

03 January 2018

Super Easy

All around everything about eConnect was very easy - online ordering, pickup at post office, setting it up on devices, checking data usage, and returning. I was skeptical about the connectivity in the underground subway stations, but I was pleasantly surprised when it worked perfectly. Would use again on another trip to Japan!

- Natalie M Dahl    US

02 January 2018

Great product

I found the pocket wifi very useful during my trip. I liked that it came with another battery so I didn’t have to worry about it running out of battery during a full day sight seeing

- Hana Goodhall    NZ

02 January 2018

Excellent and highly recommended

Very good connection even in outskirt area. Battery last throughout the day. Service tip top with flexible arrangement. Very fast email respond. Will use econnect again. Highly recommended.

- azleen ismail    MY

01 January 2018

Very good

Very good

- Marcos Tadao Kuroishi    BR

31 December 2017

This worked great for me

The Pocket Wi-Fi device worked really well for me. I had good speed and reception everywhere I traveled in Japan (Sendai, Tokyo, Kumamoto, Kyoto), and the speeds far exceeded anything I can get in the US. In fact, I got much better upload/download speeds on this mobile hotspot than I do with my broadband connection in the US.

- Jennifer Ellington    US

31 December 2017

Excellent product

Value for money and always reliable

- John Albert Cordero    PH

30 December 2017

Pocket WiFi 4G - Great experience!

I managed to reserve a pocket wifi device very last minute - I placed an urgent order 7pm the day before and the device was delivered to my hotel by 11am the next day. I rented a Pocket Wifi 4G 187.5 Mbps for 8 days. With 6 devices connected to it, the Pocket Wifi worked very well and we had no problems with it at all. There were no issues with coverage while in Tokyo. The extra battery pack also came in very handy. Returning the device with the post-paid label was simple - we dropped it off in the mailbox at the airport terminal. 10/10 will rent from eConnect again.

- Deanna Lee    SG

30 December 2017

Great Product

Really pleased with the performance of the pocket WiFi, even while traveling through the mountain roads to see Mt. Fuji. Pick up and drop off was very simple. Picked up at the Narita Terminal One Post Office and dropped it off at the airport post box. Easy Peasy! The battery was long lasting and I never had to use the extra battery that was provided, but glad it came as part of the package. I definitely recommend this company and would use them again anytime I’m in Japan.

- Devi Phears    US

28 December 2017

Works like a charm

An absolute life saver!! Was easy to pick up, drop off and to use! Would def use it again when I come back.

- Mae Radam    AU

28 December 2017

I loved

Helped me so much, where ever I was ! I’m sure all the times I come back to Japan I will have The econnect japan again
Thank you so much

- Giulia Vampre    BR

27 December 2017

Excellent service!

I fully recommend the service it completely did the job for my wife and I during our Japan holidays... it allowed us to constantly check for train departures and seats. econnect delivered the device and service as per their promise.
I fully recommend them to anyone interested in being able to access the internet from any location in Japan.

- Manuel Duran    MX

27 December 2017

Good device

Usina de pocket Wi-Fi I can stay connected during all my vacations.

- Renato Nishimura    BR

26 December 2017

Excellent portable wifi service!

Super easy to contract, receive, use and return. Worked perfectly during my 20 days trip in Japan. 100% recommend.

- Alessandra Shimizu    BR

26 December 2017

Thank you for your service.

The pick-up and return for the Pocket WiFi was easy to understand and after I returned the WiFi to the post box, I even received an email. However, the speed was rather slow and laggy at places outside Sapporo city. Other than that, I really liked the service because there was precise instructions and there was no room for any misunderstandings or enquires.

- Shireen Toh Li Lin    SG

26 December 2017

Good connection

Reliable connection.

- Heng Aik Piau    SG

25 December 2017

Excellent product

It was perfect and handy and durable


24 December 2017

Excellent service for group of 5

Glad that we found out about eConnect before our trip to Tokyo. The subscription is easy to follow, communication is clear and package awaits us upon arrival at the hotel. Thank you for making our trip as smooth as possible with easy access to internet and video conferencing with our families at home.

- Alya Tajol Rosli    MY

22 December 2017

Last minute reservation + delivery to service apartment

Saved my holiday! Very easy to use and good battery life. Thank you!!

- Chew Choon Keat    SG

20 December 2017

Indispensable Item

We conveniently received our pocket wifi at HND airport’s post office and couldn’t have imagined our trip without access to the wifi. It made traveling that much easier throughout town, which would have been very difficult otherwise. I highly recommend using a wifi device for first timer’s in Japan!

- Jonathan Michael Bui    US

20 December 2017


One word RELIABLE! This is the fourth time that I have rented a pocket wifi and once again I wasn't disappointed. Actually I rented two pocket wifi, one for a friend because I trusted econnect. What can I say the service was excellent, the equipment was great, and the ease of receiving and returning the unit couldn't be better. Can't wait to come back to Japan and be sure that I'll rent my pocket wifi from econnect! Thank you!

- Ryan oishi    US

20 December 2017

Great WiFi Option for exploring Japan

Pocket WiFi was delivered to our first hotel as requested and was available for us to collect when we checked in. The portable WiFi unit was invaluable for our trip and helped us to successfully navigate the cities we visited.
The entire process from ordering to returning was seamless and simple. Would highly recommend this option to traveling families.

- Michael Conroy    AU

19 December 2017

Trustworthy and Dependable

A third-time returning customer. The folks at eConnect are truly amazing; not just in their products but the human touch in their service standards reassured me that my order is carefully and patiently attended to.


19 December 2017

Good Experience

I had router for almost two & half months and it supports me wherever I was there in Japan. It was good to connect with near & dear ones while traveling abroad. Thank you e connect !


19 December 2017

Good choice for Pocket Wifi in Japan

Easy to pick up and drop off at the 4th floor Post Office at Narita. Worked well throughout our journey. Customer support provided quickly via email.

- Vikas Desai    CA

18 December 2017

Great service and pocket wifi

Easy to use and return.
They gave us extra data as bonus . The wifi signal is very strong and good to use.
I will definitely use it again next when I travel to Japan.


17 December 2017

Great Pocket WiFi Service

Incredibly convenient. It was at my hotel when I checked in and I just had to put in the post box when I left Japan. Had WiFi with me every where I went. It was small enough to carry in a hand bag. Worked the entire week and rarely had to use the battery pack. Fantastic service. Highly recommended.

- Paula Del Santo    US

17 December 2017

a must have

great little thing! In Japan free wi fi is almost non existent so this little fella is a must! Works no problem, battery for the pocket wi-fi keeps almost the whole day (but there is a spare battery in a pack, so there is no problem )


17 December 2017

Well done

We are impressed by the service provided. The internet coverage was awesome. The arrangement for collection and returning the device is so convinience and easy. Looking forward to use your product and services in the future

- Saiful Anuar Abdul Manaf    MY

14 December 2017

Unrivalled service!

Thank you for the prompt delivery, excellent connection and great customer care - can definitely recommend to anyone travelling to Japan.

- Rei Sako    GB

14 December 2017

Very satisfied

I'm very satisfied with your service, the wifi is in best condition and it is easy to connect . I am delighted that I can pick up and drop off the modem easily in airport. Two thumbs up for you

- Anton sutanto    ID

13 December 2017


It was the 3rd time I used econnect. Everything is perfect so much conveinient.

- marsura    FR

12 December 2017


A nice light wifi unit. Easy to operate. eConnect had the best price for our 5 week stay. They delivered it on time and let me know that it was on the tracking system when I posted it in my hotel. They also supplied a spare battery which I never needed as I could recharge in the car but it was reassuring to have it.

- Fiona Menzies    GB

04 December 2017

Simple to use, convenient and reasonably priced

The econnect pocket wifi worked very well and was reasonably priced. We collected it from our nominated post office and, when it came time to return it, we simply posted it in a pre-paid and addressed envelope. Instructions were clear and simple. We found the device especially useful with google maps whilst driving around Shikoku.

- Robert Mason    AU

09 November 2017

I Love E connect

Its the best tahing to have in Japan

- Paolo Yupangco    PH

01 November 2017


Great coverage everywhere, very convenient service, delivered to my guesthouse in Tokyo and at the end you send it back by mail, easy!

- Tessel Kuijten    NL

31 October 2017

Pocket Wifi Router Rental

Excelent service ! Everything was perfect.
The router was at the hotel reception when I arrived in Japan, as I have asked, and when I left Japan I simply delivered it at the hotel reception in the envelop provided so they can put it on a post office box.
I recommend to rent a router wifi because there are few people in japan who speak english, so if you have internet you never get lost and you can use language translators. It is really a big help to make your stay better.
I'll use e-connect services when I return to Japan.

Ana Severino, Portugal

- Ana Severino    PT

24 October 2017

Best service

I must say that EConnect Japan helped so much during my travel to Japan.
So easy to pickup... Easier to send back.
The connection is amazing! High speed in all the country!
Very professional and kind company that provides all you need - includind a prepaid envelope to returning the devices.

You guys are the best! Thanks so much!

Leonardo - Brazil


06 September 2017

Excellent service and cover area

A great solution for mobile internet use by foreigners in Japan! It worked fine in all places we have been (Kyoto, Hiroshima, Takayama, Kanazawa and Tokyo). I fully recommend the service!

- Richard Percival Geyer    BR

28 August 2017

Very convenient but little expensive too

Hassle-free Delivery and Return (got it delivered to the hotel, it reached on time and for return just had to drop it in a nearby mail box - easy!)
Ubiquitous Connectivity (network was always available in bullet trains, castles, roads, mountains, Hakone loop etc)
Decent Speed (no complaints, easy upload/download of images and videos)
Decent Battery life (Charging required only once a day, we were using it almost 6-7 hours at a stretch daily with 2 phones connected. Plus a power bank was also provided)
High Cost ( we paid 500+ HKD for a week and 8GB data, which I think is too much, should not be more than 300 HKD)

- aatashkumar desai    HK

08 August 2017

Simple and convenient.

I rented from "econnect" for six days.
Delivery and return were as described in the instructions, and convenient. Collected at Narita terminal 2 post office, which took all of 30 seconds and returned to a roadside post box.
I used it around Narita and Hokkaido, and had no problems with reception in either area.
Logging on was simple, and we were operating three devices.
I have no hesitation in recommending "eConnect".

- Reynolds Thomas Francis    HK

26 July 2017


Hi eConnect thank you so much for the excellent service we experienced with the pocket wifi we rented from you when we were in Japan last June 1 to June 3.
I will recommend it to my clients and to my friends.


07 June 2017


It is the day we ask you to post the rental items back to us. You can simply drop it in any post box in Japan. We request that you do so by midnight on your return date.

You do not have to worry about how long it will take to get to us as long as you post it in time.

Once your data consumption reaches your total data allotment, it is subject to speed restriction from the network operator.
The network operator does not disclose when (or in what cases) the restriction applies or how slow it will be under the restriction.

Please be assured that the internet connection won't be cut off.

It depends on our data pooling status at the point of your purchase request. It might be possible in most cases but we cannot guarantee.

Please email us atinfo@econnectjapan.comif and when you need additional data.

With the extra portable battery we provide, it normally lasts for a whole day.

However, it really depends on how often and how long you use the device.

It comes with a SIM card inside as a unit. You do not have to buy anything extra.