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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Rely On Pocket WiFi at Airbnb in Japan

One of the most popular accommodation options that travelers to Japan choose is Airbnb. Not as pricey as typical hotels yet luxurious enough for tourists, Airbnb accommodations are, without question, becoming the go-to of those who visit the Land of the Rising Sun for pleasure.

Aside from the plush beds, dining and kitchen inclusions, even free breakfast, part of the service to guests Airbnb hosts offer is free WiFi. And some of them even provide a mobile WiFi router during your stay. But should you rely on it on your trip or not?

In this article, we will take a look at why you should consider preparing your own portable WiFi for your peace of mind.

We at eConnect Japan offer Reliable and Fast 4G, LTE Pocket WiFi Rental Options in Japan.

How do you get to the Airbnb in the first place?

So, you have arrived in one of Asia's most dynamic countries. Everybody knows moving in new places and countries can be a daunting task. Getting around can be stressful.

In Japan, it’s certainly not always easy to find your way as a foreigner because street names or signs and area or block numbers are hard to find. The foreign language and signs coupled with many buildings and houses; the maze can be quite confusing that sometimes, even locals lose their way! So how do you get to your Airbnb in the thick of all these? In fact, even upon landing in the airport, you can immediately avail of a Pocket WiFi for rent package. We at eConnect Japan offers airport pickup options so that you can instantly get connected online as soon as you arrive.

A Pocket WiFi will provide you reliable mobility and connectivity that none of the other Internet devices can provide you with. Simply turn on Google Maps and navigate your way through Tokyo's dizzying alleys with your Pocket WiFi.

Your host will not guarantee the quality or speed of their free WiFi

Notably, Airbnb hosts are not professional wireless service providers and only offer WiFi as a complimentary add-on. What this basically means is, they cannot guarantee it works perfectly and certainly cannot control how much data each guest uses. If the previous guest (s) used up all the data, as the next guest you might end up using very slow WiFi if any at all. Remember, all Pocket WiFi available in Japan comes with Fair Usage Policy and possible speed restriction.

Also, like any radio frequency transmission, wireless networking signals are subject to a wide variety of interference, as well as complex propagation effects that are beyond the control of the network administrator such as concrete walls and limitations of distance. These reduce the signal strength especially since routers are placed at a specific location. Bringing your own Pocket WiFi eliminates the frustrations of slow WiFi that often disconnects, restarts, or dies down prematurely.

Easy to set up, pocket WiFi is a much better option for travelers, providing super fast Internet with large data allowance compared to free WiFi services. With a large data plan, it not only eliminates your need for accessing unsecured WiFi networks, it will also often allow using your devices to comfortably create secure “hotspots” for multiple devices. A Pocket WiFi hugely minimizes the willful limitations of user bandwidth or slowing down of download and connection speeds by ISPs.

Why a handy Pocket WiFi will suit you best when moving to other places

We all want to explore new places and experience the sights and sounds. Even if you get a working mobile WiFi from your Airbnb, you can only use it and bring it with you for as long as you're staying with the host.  Once you decide to transfer to another accommodation option or perhaps, move to another city for your tour, you need to turn the mobile WiFi router over to the owner. Such a hassle right?

Now what happens when you're out and about exploring the tourist spots around Tokyo or Osaka or any cities and places around Japan especially on a whim? Getting disconnected from the digital world is surely the last thing you'd want during your trip.

That is why, small and light, your own Pocket WiFi that y0u can carry around throughout your trip is the best internet solution after all. Visit our website for more information on Pocket WiFi rental options in Japan that you can take advantage of while on your tour!