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Looking for Cheap Pocket WiFi Rental in Japan? Check This 20GB Economy Plan

For travelers visiting Japan, Pocket WiFi rentals have become increasingly popular for mobile internet access, thanks to their significant benefits.

However, costs can go above $70 if you opt for premium options or ones with large data packages, or if you rent it for an extended period.

Although there are people who need substantial amount of data (e.g. nomads or streamers, or people with children watching tons of YouTube and Netflix), if you're not one of those heavy data users, the cost of Pocket WiFi rental in Japan can be actually more affordable than you might expect.

For those seeking a budget-friendly option, eConnect Japan's Economy Plan (w/ 20GB of data) stands out as an excellent choice. As its name suggests, it's probably one of the cheapest options available, potentially even the cheapest (?).

This plan is ideal for travelers who need reliable internet access without the bells and whistles of larger data packages.

eConnect Japan offers multiple Pocket WiFi rental plans

How much does the Pocket WiFi Economy Plan cost?

Just like many of other WiFi rental plans, the cost is determined by the duration of the period = how many days you rent.

And the pricing model of eConnect Japan's WiFi rental service is the longer you rent, the cheaper the daily rate becomes.

Now, let's delve into the specifics of the Economy plan's cost by exploring how much it would actually cost for varying rental durations: 1-week, 2-week, and 3-week periods. By examining these cases, we can gain a clear understanding of the plan's affordability across different lengths of stay.

FYI, eConnect Japan Website has a handy pricing page with a rental price table where you can adjust the rental duration (days) with a slider and a handle.

Scenario 1: 1-week rental

For a week stay in Japan, eConnect Japan's Economy Plan for 7 days costs 4,800 yen, excluding tax and shipping.

This translates to just a bit over $30 (*US1$ = 145 JPY) which is a totally reasonable amount for savvy travelers.

While one week is a bit shorter than average stay in Japan (generally speaking), it makes the 20GB data allowance more than sufficient in most cases which is fantastic.

7-day rental pricing - eConnect Japan

And there's more: if you're the type to plan ahead, a 15% early bird discount awaits for bookings made at least 3 weeks in advance.

Not to mention, occasional time sales might pop up, offering a 10% discount, even if you're booking less than three weeks ahead. This makes the 1-week rental not just practical but also a smart choice for both budget and connectivity needs.

Scenario 2: 2-week rental

The 14-day rental of the Economy plan is priced at 5,500 yen, again excluding tax and shipping.

With the current exchange rate, this translates to just under $40. That's less than $3 a day, a cup of coffee could cost you more than that.

And the Early Bird Discount of 15% as well as the occasional time sales of 10% discount apply here as well, making the plan more budge-friendly.

14-day rental pricing - eConnect Japan

With 20GB of data at your disposal, you can still enjoy way more than 1GB every day for 2 weeks stay in Japan. It should comfortably cover typical daily internet activities like maps & navigation, social media updates, and even occasional streaming.

Scenario 3: 3-week rental

For a more extended visit to Japan, such as three weeks, the Economy Plan becomes an even more attractive option, especially when compared to standard pocket WiFi rentals which tend to get pricey over such durations.

The 3-week rental of this plan comes at 6,200 yen, exclusive of tax and shipping.

It's about $40 - $45 depending on the exchange rate, making it around $2 a day. This is exceptionally cost-effective for an extended stay.

21-day rental pricing - eConnect Japan

Again, with the Early Bird Discount (applicable to orders placed at least 3 weeks in advance) or a 10% OFF time sale, the price can go even below.

Spread over three weeks, its 20GB data allowance gives you nearly 1GB of data per day which is a generous amount for most travelers, especially if you can use WiFi at your accommodation. Unless you are constantly streaming YouTube or playing online games, 1GB a day is perfectly sufficient amount for busy travelers with less time for online entertainment.

Summary: Comparing Prices Across Different Rental Durations

To give a comprehensive view of how prices vary with different rental durations for eConnect Japan's Economy Plan, the following table includes total costs for 1-week, 2-week, and 3-week rental periods, both with and without tax and shipping fees. It also includes prices with the early bird discount of 15% applied.

Rental Period Base Cost (Yen) Cost with Tax & Shipping (Yen) Cost with Early Bird Discount (Yen) Total Cost (USD approx.)
7 days 4,800 6,072 5,161 (15% off) $36 - $42
14 days 5,500 6,842 5,816 (15% off) $40 - $47
21 days 6,200 7,612 6,470 (15% off) $45 - $52

*Note: The USD conversions are approximate and based on a 145 JPY to 1 USD exchange rate.

*Tax and Shipping: A 10% consumption tax and a 792 yen shipping fee are included in the 'Cost with Tax & Shipping' column.

*Early Bird Discount: The 'Cost with Early Bird Discount' column reflects a 15% reduction for bookings made at least three weeks in advance.

As you can see it in the table above, it demonstrates the cost benefits of the plan across all rental lengths / scenarios, but especially true for longer stays in Japan as the plan becomes increasingly economical and daily costs decreases as low as $2/day as the rental period increases.

Need more data? No problem.

Should you require more than 20GB – be it for sharing or uploading high-res photos, watching YouTube videos from travel vloggers for planning, or any other reason – rest assured, a data top-up option is available.

The process to get more data is a breeze. Simply send a quick email request, and a quote will be provided based on the original rental rate. After payment is completed, the extra GBs needed will be readily available.

This means you can keep on enjoying your trip, posting those amazing Japan snapshots, or finding the best ramen spot without worrying about running out of data.

So, whether you're a light user or your data needs suddenly spike, eConnect Japan's Economy Plan is flexible enough to keep up with you.

Stay connected without breaking the bank

As we wrap up, hope this article has helped clarify how eConnect Japan's Pocket WiFi Rental Economy Plan is not only affordable but also a practical choice for staying connected in Japan.

The flexibility of choosing your rental duration, the awesome savings with longer stays, and the peace of mind with the data top-up option – this Pocket WiFi rental plan is definitely worth considering. It's tailored to suit the needs of most travelers, whether you're planning a quick week-long trip or a more extended stay.

So if you're in search of cost-effective Pocket WiFi rental plans for your trip to Japan, your search ends here. Visit eConnect Japan's website at the link below for the perfect plan to suit your needs. Tons of great reviews can be found as well!

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