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What's Fair Usage Policy? Best Advice On Renting a Pocket WiFi in Japan

Is there really an unlimited mobile data? Learn about Fair Usage Policy and find out how you can maximize your pocket WiFi rental for a more enjoyable trip to Japan.

Having unlimited mobile Internet connection can be a dream come true for anyone who loves to be always online, especially when you're visiting Japan and you want to post your HD travel videos or go live streaming as you check out one place after another. However, you should be wary of Pocket WiFi rental plans advertised as having "Unlimited Data" because you just might be disappointed later on. Specifically, you should be aware of the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) that comes with every Pocket WiFi rental plan, especially if you are a data-heavy user.

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What is FUP?

In essence, the FUP is set to ensure that every subscriber uses mobile data in moderation. It is said that when subscribers utilize large amounts of mobile data, and thus not complying with the concept of fair usage, other users can be adversely affected. Online activities that could violate FUP include sending or receiving videos and other large files.

Mobile network providers implement FUP to ensure that everyone can have the best experience with the service. The company may monitor your Internet usage and if you go beyond your fair-use limit, they can restrict your network speed accordingly until the next month or billing cycle. Other providers can refresh your cap the next day too.

Are They Lying When They Say "Unlimited Data"?

Unfortunately, marketers aren't lying when they offer Pocket WiFi plans as having "Unlimited Data" because technically, you still have mobile data getting in and out of your device even if the speed is restricted under Fair Usage Policy. What they're not telling in large fonts, however, is that you will experience much slower Internet connection after going beyond your fair-use limit. In short, you'll have an uncomfortable experience with the service for the rest of your rental period or at least for that day.

What Can You Do?

So to avoid surprises with your mobile data usage, make sure to know more than just the data volume, speed, coverage and price of the Pocket WiFi rental plans offered to you. You need to ask the rental providers about the possible speed restriction/throttling, or even better, talk to them about your data usage so they can help you find the best plan for you. Moreover, and especially if you're staying for a long time in Japan, make it a habit to regularly check your data use.

On our Pocket WiFi product pages, there is a Data Allowance information under Specifications. You can check how much data you can get for each plan. For your information, our Pocket WiFi does not have a daily data cap, only the total data allowance. It should work better for all users because your daily data use varies from day to day.
You can also speak to us here at eConnect if you need advice on how to optimize your mobile Internet use on your Japan holiday. After all, we want nothing but the best experience for you.

At the end of the day, there is nothing you should be afraid of as long as you use a Pocket WiFi for normal internet activities in moderation. Our Pocket WiFi gives you more than enough data allotment for you to enjoy your stay in Japan.