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Why Pocket WiFi is the Perfect Device for a Family Trip in Japan

So you want to take your family on a trip. Somewhere exotic somewhere like Japan perhaps. But how do you ensure that the everyone in the family can have good internet access? There is only one real answer to your internet problems abroad– Pocket WiFi, a portable WiFi router that fits in your pocket to carry around.

Why is renting a portable WiFi device so much more superior to some of the other options you have for mobile internet use while traveling, like prepaid SIM, roaming data, or public/hotel WiFi? Well that bubbles down to three main things, big data allowance, speed, and multiple device connectivity.

Let's see how each one of these points makes Pocket WiFi the perfect device for family trips.

Generous Data Allowance

When comparing across other possible options like the prepaid SIM cards they offer at the airport or using your home country's cell plan's roaming data, you should consider what your data needs will really be. Will the kids be watching YouTube? Will you be streaming music in your rental car? Will you be uploading a ton of pictures and videos to iCloud or Google Photos? If you foresee each person having slightly different internet needs and then you factor in the multiple people in a family into this equation, boom! The need for a big data limit becomes apparent.

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Pocket WiFi units are a great solution to this problem because depending on your data needs Pocket WiFi units can offer huge data allowances, some even going up to 50GB or possibly more!

Speed is Next to None

There are other options for mobile internet when you come to Japan. For example you could pick up a Prepaid SIM card at any number of places (airport, electronic stores, etc.). Or you could use the roaming on the cell plan you have from back home. However when it comes to internet speed, none of these other options hold a candle to Pocket WiFi's internet speed. There is also the risk that your hotel WiFi is very slow (which happens a lot). With a pocket WiFi on you, you can be sure that even if you are in a hotel with slow WiFi, you will still have access to fast internet

With a quick glance at eConnect Japan's website you can see a ton of verified reviews vouching for the speed of our devices like the one below for example.

Multiple Device Connectivity

You could potentially buy a SIM card for everyone in the family and set them up independently in each phone, But why do that? Not only is this option far more expensive but by using a Pocket WiFi device instead, you can easily connect up to 10 devices simultaneously to the same unit! This means the whole family can operate off one device. While the kids are playing online video games or watching YouTube videos, dad or mom could hook up their laptops to get that last minute work email shot off.

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As a Plan B

It would be prudent to have a pocket device as a back up for a number of reasons. You may think that you could get by with just a SIM card for dad or by just using the hotel WiFi, but this doesn't account for possibility that these internet connections may fail you.  

For example you could be at one of the many hotels throughout Japan with notoriously poor WiFi quality. Or maybe the one Prepaid SIM you bought for the family gets its data throttled halfway through the trip and become practically unusable. This could be a real problem if you need that internet to navigate to some sightseeing destination or even more pressing, to make it back to the airport for your flight home! To account for this uncertainty it would be a wise move to pick up a Pocket WiFi device as a back up plan. Better safe then sorry!


As you can see for a family trip to Japan Pocket WiFI is perfectly suited to meet all your internet needs. Here at eConnect Japan we have a boatload of Pocket WiFi rental options to choose from for different sized plans that can work to fit any family's needs.