Pocket WiFi 50GB

High-end Portable WiFi Router for Japan Travel

50GB plan is best option for heavy data users looking for a reliable and fast 4G-speed internet connection. No daily data limit or throttling, No speed restriction up to 50GB. Durable and works well for video streaming, large file download and upload.

Data Allowance
Price: Choose your pickup and return date to get the price.


Data Allowance 50GB Data
Daily Limit No
Downlink / Uplink (Best Effort) 187.5 Mbps / 37.5 Mbps
Max Rental Period 60 Days
Coverage 99% of the population
Battery Life (Internet use) At least 6 hours up to 48 hours
Battery Life (Standby time) Up to 120 hours
Portable Power Bank (2400mAh) Free
Size & Weight 104 mm (W), 60 mm (H), 18.2 mm (D), 150 g
Network Softbank 4G LTE Network
Wireless LAN version IEEE802.11 b/g/n, ARIB STD - T66
Simultaneous Connections Up to 10 devices
How To Use Check Our Set-Up Guide >>

Early Bird Discount


Applicable to rentals starting from
08 September 2018  or later.

Free Mobile Battery

Free Mobile Battery

Free portable battery for all Pocket WiFi rental

How to Pickup and Return Pocket WiFi?

We put a lot of efforts to make rental process easy and hassle-free.



Pickup is available at airport post offices (in Narita, Haneda, Kansai, Chubu and New Chitose), hotels, guest houses, ryokan, post offices in the city, and residence.

So basically you can collect it at any address in Japan.

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For return, all you have to do is put all items in the prepaid return package we provide and drop it in a post box in Japan on the last day of your rental.

Post boxes are pretty much everywhere in Japan. You can find them at street corners, at convenience stores and in airports too.

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Pocket WiFi Package

What's in a package

  • Pocket WiFi (portable WiFi router)
  • Extra Battery (free of charge)
  • Set-up Guide
  • AC Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Return Packet (prepaid envelope)

Precaution Statement for the Pocket WiFi Rental




The inquiry of service, ordering process and delivery of wifi was very easy and efficient.
The operation and ease of use was great; 4 people used the device, it operated in Hokkaido's rural areas and battery life was easily 10 hr or more. Loved the back-up battery with rental.
I would definitely recommend to friends and will rent when I return to Japan. Another benefit is the communication from econnect - shipping date, during use (if any questions or problems) and reminder of return process the day before.

- Sherril Marquess    US

15 August 2018

pocket wi-fi a good product for your holiday

With my friends in July I spent two weeks in Japan. By pocket wi-fi I had to call to my parents and to send messages to my friends in Italy in a very easily way. I had always internet connections in every place I went and it was very important. By pocket wifi my Japanese holiday has been beautiful!

- Michela Palmucci    IT

10 August 2018

great WiFi

It get hot very easily

- Yukiko Nakagawa    US

09 August 2018

Excellent product

Very cost effective - plug and play- works everywhere - it is a short distance connection to your movile so, if your party want to spread in a big store, better rent more units to the whole group.

- Israel Rozenberg    BR

03 August 2018

An outstanding service!

The service of the pocket wifi was outstanding: it arrived on time, always functioned well, the battery lasted all day long. I rented a 50 GB device for heavy use of three persons for nine days, and it was more than enough. I am pleased with the experience. Thank you!

- Laura Alejandra Mandujano Rosas    MX

01 August 2018

Nice pocket WiFi

We were very satisfied with the pocket Wifi. It was easy to use with the simple and readable instruction both on net and attached in the delivery. The unit was fast and handy. The order on net was very nice and easy. The delivery was on time and the redelivery with the attached envelope made us capable of using the pocket wifi all the way untill we reached the airport for our departure. The only problem and the reason for not getting top rating was that that it sometimes lost its network, and we needed to disassemble the unit to reinstall the Sim-card. However the instructions on that was easy to understand. All in all we were very satisfied and we will certainly recommend this product and service to others.

- Jess Joar Andersen    NO

31 July 2018


best for money

- Dmytro Gontar    UA

29 July 2018

Must have in japan

This was awesome. No issues ever.

- Sergei Kvartler    CA

25 July 2018

Very convinient

Econnects costumer service was reliable when I had to ask for a rental extension.
The speed of the internet was the best!!

- Brassoi Tunde Ilona    HU

24 July 2018

Battery was ok

The wifi was very good and would use it again. However the battery life of the wifi pocket was short. Much short than I expected and also the wifi would be very hot while in use.

- Tim Deng

24 July 2018


perfect and correct !

- martine verzwijvelen    BE

23 July 2018

Will use again!

Very easy to order and pick up. More than enough data for my trip!

- Noelle O'Brien    US

23 July 2018

Easy process

Our pocket wifi was waiting for me at my hotel when I arrived and it was very easy to set up and get started. We travelled to many areas and always had connectivity. We easily posted it off at the airport when we left. When we ran out of data the day before we left, it did not cut us off and we were able to use Google maps on our phones as well as stay connected on social media. We were very pleased with the Pocket wifi.

- Paula Kleverlaan    AU

20 July 2018


Pocket WiFi made my trip easier by providing a stable and fast connection everywhere.

- Fabio Akihito Dodo    BR

18 July 2018


Easy to access, it's sent right to where you're staying, and easy to return since you can mail it from the airport. Only thing is that it's a bit of a pain to have one more thing to charge and carry around, but the battery life lasts all, if not most of the day of normal usage (using Google maps, surfing the internet to kill time, that kind of thing). Would definitely use again when going to Japan.

- Charlette Breidfjord    CA

08 July 2018

Best wifi experience

This package really made my trip way easier than I expected and I would definitely recommend it to anyone else going to Japan.

- Khalid Rashid ALGherainiq    QA

05 July 2018

Outstanding service

WiFi has been delivered to Hotel prior to my arrival. WiFi signal was strong and consistent. Instructions included were clear and concise. I would not hesitate to use this company again.

- Michael Hughes    US

03 July 2018


Great service.

- Jose Villalobos    US

03 July 2018

Excellent decision to stay connected while in Japan.

The first day was difficult to make the connection, but once we understood we stay connected for 10 days with 4 cell phones with no problem.
We received the WIFI at our first hotel and dropped it at the airport mail box.
It was very useful and cheap compared to our mobile telephone company in Mexico. Highly recommended.

- Melissa Ruiz de la Peña    MX

03 July 2018

Connected to the world

The econnect WiFi was excellent, we didn’t have any drops in signal apart from when we were travelling through tunnels, but that was expected, and the signal resumed within a few seconds after exiting. The battery lasted around 75% of the day with constant use, so the power bank included is a very good option. Just turn it on, put it in your daypack and off you go. I will 100% be using econnect for my future travels in Japan. Thoroughly recommended.

- Damien Paul Gregory    SG

27 June 2018


Easy to use, great connection, value for money. We will always use this on our future trips.

- Mikyla Okuyama    JP

24 June 2018

Excellent services

Thé best usefull pocket wifi in Japan.

- TSUIHIJI remy    FR

24 June 2018

5 star

The internet connection was quick and the wifi was easy to use. Had a small adapter which was handy to charge the pocket wifi when I was out for a long time.

- Charlotte Buskermolen

21 June 2018

More than enough

The experience had rough start, since the postoffice was closed when we arrived in Japan. Therefore we needed to make a extra trip to the airport to pick it up the following day. However everything after that was easy and it worked perfect! More than enough internet, the box would last a whole day on the battery and everywhere was internet.

- Youetta Kunneman    NL

20 June 2018

Loved the pocket wifi

This was the first time using the pocket wifi service from econnect. For the 50gb plan. Absolutely loved it. Never paying for data roaming ever again.

- Aun Koh    SG

19 June 2018


It made my travel pleasant.

- Keiko Warner    US

16 June 2018

Great coverage

We used eConnect pocket wi-fi while walking in some fairly remote areas of Honshu and Shikoku. We always had good signal, which proved invaluable. Our trip would not have been so much fun without the solid performance of the pocket wi-fi.

- Ian Henderson    GB

15 June 2018

awesome !

it is the best!!!! thank you! I come every year :)


12 June 2018

Really useful

It was great having pocket wifi! The service from econnect was fast and efficient and really easy to understand. Thanks!

- Tori Pearce    AU

10 June 2018

I Am a Fan of eConnect...

EConnect provides effective and reliable data transmission service at a competitive price.

- Victor Hsiao Ming WEE    SG

10 June 2018