Pocket WiFi 25GB

Cost-effective Portable WiFi Router For Japan Travel

One of the most popular plans. Uses fast and wide 4G network. Suitable not only for heavy data users but for sharing among families, couples, friends. No daily data limit or throttling. No speed restriction up until 25GB of data which won't run out easily.

Data Allowance
Price: Choose your pickup and return date to get the price.


Data Allowance 25GB Data
Daily Limit No
Downlink / Uplink (Best Effort) 187.5 Mbps / 37.5 Mbps
Max Rental Period 30 Days
Coverage 99% of the population
Battery Life (Internet use) At least 8 hours up to 48 hours
Battery Life (Standby time) Up to 120 hours
Portable Power Bank (2400mAh) Free
Size & Weight 104 mm (W), 60 mm (H), 18.2 mm (D), 150 g
Network Softbank 4G LTE Network
Wireless LAN version IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, ARIB STD - T66
Simultaneous Connections Up to 10 devices
How To Use Check Our Set-Up Guide >>

Early Bird Discount


Applicable to rentals starting from
12 November 2018  or later.

Free Mobile Battery

Free Mobile Battery

Free portable battery for all Pocket WiFi rental

How to Pickup and Return Pocket WiFi?

We put a lot of efforts to make rental process easy and hassle-free.



Pickup is available at airport post offices (in Narita, Haneda, Kansai, Chubu and New Chitose), hotels, guest houses, ryokan, post offices in the city, and residence.

So basically you can collect it at any address in Japan.

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For return, all you have to do is put all items in the prepaid return package we provide and drop it in a post box in Japan on the last day of your rental.

Post boxes are pretty much everywhere in Japan. You can find them at street corners, at convenience stores and in airports too.

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Pocket WiFi Package

What's in a package

  • Pocket WiFi (portable WiFi router)
  • Extra Battery (free of charge)
  • Set-up Guide
  • AC Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Return Packet (prepaid envelope)

Precaution Statement for the Pocket WiFi Rental

  • The connection speeds shown above are provided on best effort basis. Actual speeds vary depending on location and connection status.
  • Your device must be WiFi enabled.


Great service

Pocket WiFi was waiting for me when I arrived at my hotel. Never had any connection issues. Very easy to connect to my devices. Battery lasted all day. Spare battery provided was a great reassurance. 25GB limit was more than enough for my month long trip, mainly using maps, texting pictures and short videos to family back home via WhatsApp, checking emails and Web browsing etc. I think I used around 5GB. Good value, will be using again next time I travel to Japan (hopefully very soon) thanks for an easy and pleasant service.

- Gareth Victor Stanfield    GB

21 October 2018

Great Service

Great service from time of order to our returns. Item was at our hotel when we arrived as arranged. Battery lasts all day and we didn't need the extra battery. I didn't give 5 stars because it heats up after a few hours and it was a bit uncomfortable to carry around. But overall, we were happy with Econnect Japan! Thanks! Definitely recommend having a pocket wifi as we relied on Google maps a lot!

- Thi Dieu Hung Pham    NZ

19 October 2018


Worked perfectly across the country.

- Travis Brown    CA

16 October 2018

Convenient, a great idea for travelling

I enjoyed using pocket wifi while in Japan--it was easy to use and very convenient. The instructions were very helpful as well. The only confusion I encountered was that my wifi was shipped two days early and arrived at my next location before I did, but this was easily explained via email and did not effect my rental agreement whatsoever. Overall, I would highly recommend using pocket wifi while overseas!

- Emily Collis    CA

16 October 2018

Excellent WiFi experience

Hassle free and alway available.

- Philipp Landmann    IL

14 October 2018

Made our trip easier

Delivery and postage back was very convenient and easy. Service was reliable and quick enough for our needs. Very useful having it with us to help us navigate, as well as to find accommodation when our plans for the night fell apart at last minute while we were stuck on a bus. Would definitely use eConnect again.

- Michelle Fleming    AU

13 October 2018

One of the best decision I made!

This is by far one of the best decision I made prior to our holiday in Japan! Renting this pocket wifi is the best thing. We literally use this everyday and the signal is excellent.


10 October 2018

Brilliant service.

Good value. Arrived on time, worked very well, fast, never missed a beat, easy to send back, what's not to like?

- Zak Loney    GB

09 October 2018

10 stars if possible

Great option if you don't want to hassle with unlocking your phone and change sim cards etc. The pocket wifi worked perfectly for us travelling around southern Japan, we never experienced any problems and the connection was spot on! I would rate it 10 stars out of 5 if possible ;) Also very easy to send back with the enclosed envelope, nothing really could go wrong. Great service guys; would highly recommend!

- Kajsa Berggren    SE

09 October 2018

Excellent !!

Econnect was easy and economical. The pocket WiFi was waiting for me at the hotel and was a lifesaver for finding my way around Tokyo!

- Tara Kiley-Rothwell    US

09 October 2018

Perfect & Easy

If you ever fear things won't work as advertised, this is a counter evidence. From pickup at Narita Airpot till easy-as-can-be return at Kansai Airport everything worked as (fool-proofed) described. The superfast device worked long enough for an active day (and night thanks to the power bank) and all fine, except one connecting issue, which I fixed in a minute with the how-to provided by eConnect.

- Adams Henning    DE

08 October 2018

Really amazing

Very useful. The pocket wi-fi works really well, and it's very easy to use.

- Camila de Paula Silva    BR

30 September 2018

Great way to stay connected

As we were 2 persons travelling in Japan we thought the best way to acess internet is through pocket wifi. Because we didn't want restricted daily data usage, we chose eConnect with a total of 25 GB for 3 weeks. The Usage was easy and very convenient as was the return of the device. All in all we can highly recomment the product from eConnect.

- Thi To-Uyen Nguyen    DE

26 September 2018

It works perfectly.

I use all the time and it works very well. The instruction inside are very useful and I receved an e-mail when I Had a trouble and i solved it. I recommend.

- Eufemia Paez Soares    BR

23 September 2018

Beyond useful! Two thumbs up

I can’t express how useful this was to have in Japan! Originally, the decision was between using my international plan or Econnect, and it was moments when I was with people that were using their cell service and couldn’t get a signal (either underground subway or above), and I was only one that could (when using GPS), did it validate my decision to get the econnect. Also the fact that I paid a third of what i would have on my international plan- I was in Japan for 22 days and had the 25gb plan and barely went through all my data- by the end it I had only used 14.5gb worth, and that was with heavy google maps, email, web-browsing, and Instagram use (**but it was cell usage only. I didn’t have a computer). So yes, absolutely worth it

- John Metcalf    US

23 September 2018

A must in Japan

When going to Japan, data on your phone is really needed. So you can use guidance and tips on sightseeing. The pocket wifi has helped us a lot and it will to you too. So you should really get one.

- Dennis Eriksson    SE

22 September 2018

Excellent coverage and service

Pocket wifi did not miss a beat the whole time we were in Japan .Easy delivery to my hotel and easy drop off at the airport post box,.plus you can use a debit card which most companies in Japan don’t allow.Thanks for all your help Cheers

- Marcus Swiers    AU

22 September 2018

mobile data

this system worked really well and we were never without the internet as we drove around the whole of central Japan

- Chris Hart    GB

19 September 2018

Excellent service for travelling in Japan

My son-in-law advised us to use reconnect while travelling in Japan and it was an excellent service we arranged to pick up from our motel and put in post box at airport. I would advise anyone travelling to Japan to access reconnect.

- Anne Gibbs    AU

18 September 2018


We liked using this pocket WiFi. It worked well and never gave us any problems. Did get warm a couple times. Two of us used 25GB for 7 days and it was plenty.

- Jennifer Elaine Agoot    US

17 September 2018

Worked Perfectly

This device worked perfectly. Easy to set up and a signal was always available when using it. It was very helpful in Japan where free Wi-Fi is not always available.

- Jeffrey Owoc    US

15 September 2018

Great for travel

This was great on my trip around Japan, was always able to connect and helped me a lot to navigate while out and about!

- Michael James Francis    AU

14 September 2018


The wifi worked perfectly


09 September 2018

Serviço excelente

Fiz a reserva por indicação de um amigo e não decepcionou. Quando cheguei ao hotel o modem já estava lá. Funcionou perfeitamente todos os dias da estadia, não perdeu qualidade em nenhum momento, nem mesmo em metro ou elevador. Recomendamos muito o serviço.

- Franciele Peiter    BR

06 September 2018

A very useful tool

This was a great aid in assisting me with staying connected with friends and family. I also wasn't as lost with the ability of keeping a digital map. The pocket wifi unit did however heat up quite rapidly and that was a bit of an alarm. It also is mindful to say that the backup battery is not as useful, since it only charges half the unit. So I would suggest people to have a portable battery bank. Retrieving the pocket wifi was also helpful from picking and dropping it at the airport.

- Linda Yau    US

04 September 2018

Great experience

The original transaction was very simple. The packet containing the mifi, battery and cables was waiting for me on time at the hotel (bonus for comfort). The connection was extremely reliable and pretty fast and the battery would usually last for eight hours straight. Returning the whole thing was also very easy. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Looking forward to do it again!!

- Ana Maria Antunez    ES

31 August 2018


the box worked perfectly, even in remote places. excellent service !

- Schmaltz    FR

28 August 2018

Indispensable, perfect service

Delivery on time in our hotel, the pocket wifi was an indispensable buddy for us in the trip. We had an excellent coverage through Japan while travelling by Shinkansen to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Kanazawa. The battery last the whole day without using the power bank provided.

- Guilherme Domingos Bragatte    BR

28 August 2018

Buon prodotto e buon servizio

Ho ricevuto il pocket wifi all'hotel, come concordato. L'avvio del device è stato facilissimo ed è stato fornito con una carica parziale. La ricezione è stata buona in tutte le zone in cui ho viaggiato. Un paio di osservazioni, al controllo del consumo dati il traffico disponibile risultava di 20 GB e non 25GB, inoltre ogni tanto si perdeva la connessione e bisognava riattivarla schiacciando il pulsanti dell'accensione. Nel complesso lo ritengo un prodotto affidabile e un buon servizio, abbiamo sempre tenuto collegati 3 device per una spesa complessiva di 77 € per 20 giorni.


27 August 2018

Very good connectivity and decent battery life

Connectivity and speed were very good even in crowded areas. Multiple devices were well-supported too. Battery life was decent and lasts all day with light usage. An external battery (a small one is provided with the rental) is a good idea though.

Knowing you won't have to worry about connectivity definitely makes travelling around Japan easier.

I highly recommend this WiFI hotspot.

- Benjamin Carroll    US

26 August 2018