Pocket WiFi 25GB

Cost-effective Portable WiFi Router For Japan Travel

One of the most popular plans. Uses fast and wide 4G network. Suitable not only for heavy data users but for sharing among families, couples, friends. No daily data limit or throttling. No speed restriction up until 25GB of data which won't run out easily.

Data Allowance
Price: Choose your pickup and return date to get the price.


Data Allowance 25GB Data
Daily Limit No
Downlink / Uplink (Best Effort) 187.5 Mbps / 37.5 Mbps
Max Rental Period 30 Days
Coverage 99% of the population
Battery Life (Internet use) At least 8 hours up to 48 hours
Battery Life (Standby time) Up to 120 hours
Portable Power Bank (2400mAh) Free
Size & Weight 104 mm (W), 60 mm (H), 18.2 mm (D), 150 g
Network Softbank 4G LTE Network
Wireless LAN version IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, ARIB STD - T66
Simultaneous Connections Up to 10 devices
How To Use Check Our Set-Up Guide >>

Early Bird Discount


Applicable to rentals starting from
11 July 2018  or later.

Free Mobile Battery

Free Mobile Battery

Free portable battery for all Pocket WiFi rental

How to Pickup and Return Pocket WiFi?

We put a lot of efforts to make rental process easy and hassle-free.



Pickup is available at airport post offices (in Narita, Haneda, Kansai, Chubu and New Chitose), hotels, guest houses, ryokan, post offices in the city, and residence.

So basically you can collect it at any address in Japan.

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For return, all you have to do is put all items in the prepaid return package we provide and drop it in a post box in Japan on the last day of your rental.

Post boxes are pretty much everywhere in Japan. You can find them at street corners, at convenience stores and in airports too.

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Pocket WiFi Package

What's in a package

  • Pocket WiFi (portable WiFi router)
  • Extra Battery (free of charge)
  • Set-up Guide
  • AC Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Return Packet (prepaid envelope)

Precaution Statement for the Pocket WiFi Rental

  • The connection speeds shown above are provided on best effort basis. Actual speeds vary depending on location and connection status.
  • Your device must be WiFi enabled.



Easy to collect, use and return. Invaluable for a trip to Japan.

- Luke O'Reilly    GB

19 June 2018

Very good signal strength

I took 1 star out just because sometimes it shut down out of the blue or automatically disconected from my phone, making me turn off and on the phone wi-fi to be able to find the network again. Also, the USB power cable could be a little longer. Apart from that, everything went perfect and easy to use. Nice helpful user guide and really smart touch to provide a spear battery. I totally recommend the service. Last time in Japan, I tried a SIM card and it didn’t work at all. So, thank you!

- Karina Acakura    BR

18 June 2018

Good service

It was the best way to be connected with the world. Fast, easy, I didn’t have any problem with cover areas or sinal. Easy pick up and easy return.

- Mariana Cicca    BR

16 June 2018

Easy and Reliable

No problems! Highly recommended!

- Nicole Otero    US

16 June 2018


Everything was easy, from pick up to posting back. Worked perfectly and spare battery was helpful.

- Michael Reid    AU

15 June 2018

Handy lil guy

Really useful and also the fact they provide you with a Japan plug is super helpful, especially when the plug you bring decides to bail on you.

- Jenifer Immanuvel    GB

15 June 2018

Excellent option for keeping in touch

The pocket wifi is the best option to remain connected during your visit in Japan, it's affordable and works great in the cities and when travelling. Connection speed is excellent and it's very easy to configure in cell phones.


14 June 2018

It works

I never used this kind of product before and it works. It showed up it was easy to figure out .

- brian parker    CA

14 June 2018


There is nothing more to say, everything was perfect.

- Weiss Stefan    DE

13 June 2018

Greatest solution for Portable WiFi

Before our first holiday in Japan we were very unsure if everything would work out. A friend recommended this site to me and I really do not regret buying the portable WiFi here! The selection was super easy, the pickup worked smoothly, it worked and we always had a good overview of our data volume and High Speed Internet almost everywhere! The return worked very smoothly. I will be a loyal customer in the future! Thank you!

- Anna Catharina Klothen    DE

12 June 2018

Great product!

The econnect wifi hot spot was easy to use and intuitive. Plenty of english instructions as well.

Returning the hot spot was easy using the reply paid parcel prodivided.

Speeds throughout the trip were fantastic with no connection issues even when visiting the countryside. Would recommend again!

- Derek Ky    AU

12 June 2018

Worked great! Made navigation much easier

Since there are seemingly no street names or signs in many locales in Japan having GPS was key to getting around. The Wifi would have been worth it for that alone, but with the 25GB over two weeks package, the two of us were able to use the internet for researching sites and normal everyday use as well without a hitch.

On the days we separated I turned on my cell use (AT&T, U.S.A.) and found that the Wifi was much more reliable with significantly faster internet speeds.

Pick up & drop off were simple once we located the Post Office in the airport (there were many info booths to help in that endeavor).

I'd recommend to anyone traveling to Japan who does not already know that they'll have reliable cell coverage for certain.

- Lewis William Roberts IV    US

12 June 2018

Great connection

Went all the way from Tokyo to Hokkaido and it worked very well!


10 June 2018

Easy, seamless transaction

Would recommend econnect for pocket wifi rental. Easy to collect from airport meaning we has WiFi access the moment we arrived in Japan which made getting to our accommodation a whole lot easier. Great coverage (even when we travelled in Okinawa). Would definitely use again.

- Heather Moore    AU

10 June 2018

Fantastic - won't be able to travel without one in future

WOW. Waiting in our room at the hotel, and then handed the envelope to the reception when we left.
Coverage was excellent, battery life good (most days 12 hours) and the recharge unit that comes with it a great addition (only needed one day). I would very much recommend this to everyone. I will also be looking for a similar product in every country we travel to.

- Anthony Nicholls    AU

08 June 2018

Good service

Very good service better than expected. Good quality equipment and easy reception and delivery.


08 June 2018

Extremely handy

With 2 users, we used almost half the bandwidth allocation. Most days the battery lasted the entire day, perhaps with using some of the external battery in the evening. Recharging all our batteries each night was quite a deliberate exercise. We lost signal occasionally on hiking trails, and driving through mountain passes but no problems resulted. We lost the network for a few hours but rectified it OK with reinserting the SIM card after finding the instructions.

- Bernard de la Coeur    AU

07 June 2018

Overall Quite Good, Would Recommend Pocket Wifi for Use in Japan

This was my first time using a pocket wifi. Overall quite good. Did not often experience a lack of service, though I only ended up using the pocket wifi in Tokyo. Never ran out of battery charge (Though I came close every day, I was able to recharge). Pickup location at post office in airport sounded ideal, but when my flight landed late, the post office was closed, and there was no good backup alternative, because I left Tokyo and was in a different city and hotel every day for the next week before returning to Tokyo. A fellow traveler was able to get a pocket wifi in the USA and return it there. That would've given me peace of mind and saved me the unexpected cost of having to purchase prepaid sim cards. That said, prepaid sim cards worked just as well as the pocket wifi in every other city I visited and I was never without service on the prepaid sim. When I contacted customer service with a question, I got prompt response. That was very nice. Return instructions were easy.

- Rhiannon Schroth    US

07 June 2018

Pocket wifi worked great

Easy pickup from Narita airport. Strong signals as we went all over Japan. Easy to check usage, which we never exceeded. Battery life was excellent and we only used the battery pack once!

- Connie Lin    US

07 June 2018

Very useful

Really good customer Service. The order, return and the use of the device are very easy. This pocket WiFi was not only useful but absolutely necessary during our trip. We used it the all time to get directions or other kind of Information but also to surf and access social media. The price was cheap compared to other companies.

- Zara Alessandra Victor    DE

06 June 2018

Great service

Great service and hardware..
I have recommended your company and service to co workers.

- William Crane    CA

06 June 2018

Super einfach und echt praktisch!

Die Bestellung und Abgabe war super einfach. Wir hatten überall eine tolle Verbindung. Der Akku des Gerätes hält fast einen ganzen Tag und wenn nicht hat man ein mobiles Ladegerät das auch mitgeschickt wird. Wir waren überaus zufrieden.

- Schatz Silvia    AT

05 June 2018

Great, fast and everywhere

Renting the e-connect WiFi was a great choice. Travelling with 2 or more people and always having WiFi is great. We used the device for google maps and it was a great way finding everything we wanted to visit.
The connection is very steady and fast. Sometimes far better than available connections in some hotels.

- Fedra Alvarez Tindal    NL

05 June 2018


Awesome service, so easy to use, pocket wifi worked like a charm for 2 full weeks!

We even had perfect connection when we hiked in Mount Ashigari and through the Shinkansen trips, really good coverage!

- Vasco Bessa Peixoto Bernardo    DE

04 June 2018

Easy to use and convenient

Hassle free WiFi for our recent trip in Japan. The parcel was eaiting for us at our first hotel, it was easy to connect and we did not have any worries about using all the data.

- Janelle Wells    AU

04 June 2018

Amazing service.

We've traveled all across the Japanese alps and we always had great WIFI. Easy to use and reliable, the whole process was very intuitive.

- Eran Yacobovitch    IL

02 June 2018


Thank you! The order was made the day before arrival in Japan. Registration on the website easy, fast-you choose a tariff, you pay, you specify a delivery place-and all! Upon arrival at the hotel we were waiting for the router:)) for 2.5 weeks the router worked like clockwork, never had any failures! I visited Tokyo, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Himeji, Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Fuji....- always had Internet - eConnect thank you for such an excellent service as pocket Wi-Fi! ありがとうございます


02 June 2018

Handy and reliable!

The process of both ordering and returning the device is super easy. We were very satisfied with the pocket WiFi's performance and coverage throughout our holiday in Japan! It was very handy having access to the internet to look up maps and public transport timetables, places to eat, check emails, etc. We loved that they provided a spare battery too, for those extra long days of walking around. Would use eConnect again. Thank you!

- Miriam Ribeiro    AU

02 June 2018

Worked perfectly, everywhere I went.

The pocket wifi is easy to take with you (was even smaller than I thought) and the connection is perfect, even out of town.
It would be even more awesome if the newer versions could have larger batteries. Mine worked for around 10-11 hours with 2 users logged in. Average usage (texting and facebook).

I would definitely recommend this to others!

PS: Not a problem, just a suggestion: Please allow the interface to be translated to English.

- Jory Hogeveen    NL

01 June 2018

Very useful

Fantastic service from start to finish. Essential for travelling around Japan. Highly recommended

- Robert Gallagher    AU

01 June 2018