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2018 Japan's Public and Hotel WiFi Still Unreliable

How many times have you been in a public space like an airport, Starbucks, or a hotel with crappy WiFi that you haven't been able to get any connection on? Maybe you were stuck in the hotel with the family on a rainy night during vacation or you went to Starbucks and had some pressing work to finish that you needed to use the internet for. Almost everyone can agree that having a solid WiFi connection is a real necessity while traveling.

This brings us to the quality of Japan's public and hotel WiFi. This may come as a surprise to most, but for one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, Japan's public WiFi is still pretty unreliable. Compared to public WiFi in Japan, hotel WiFi isn't that bad, but there are still a number of places with slow and or limited connections. Today, we are going to showcase some actual Tweets from 2018 about the state of Japan's public and hotel WiFi quality and why having an alternative connection option, like Pocket WiFi or Prepaid SIM, could make your vacation a whole lot easier.

Let's take a look!

Tweets on Public WiFi

Public WiFi in Businesses

"Too often it's unreliable"

This person is showing their frustration at the quality of WiFi at Starbucks. Free WiFi is offered at various establishment throughout Japan, but just like this person states about Starbucks, you can rarely count on having a quality connection. Also, even if you do get connected there's a possibility your connection will be extremely slow.

General Comments on the State of Public WiFi

All the comments below are from people voicing their concerns about free WiFi in Japan and everyone here is pretty much driving home the same point – public WiFi in Japan sucks!  

As you can see as a whole, the general consensus is that public WiFi in Japan is pretty rough. One other huge issue with the public WiFi in Japan not mentioned by the tweets, is that you sometimes need to register online prior to using it. These online registration forms can be a real time eating, pain in the butt and may include things like forcing you to give up personal info like passport details. On top of all that, a lot of these online forms are written in Japanese!

Okay, so now that we have an idea of how things are on the public WiFi side, let's move on to tweets about Hotel WiFi.

Tweets on Hotel WiFi

This Twitter user is referencing a specific hotel in Tokyo's quality of WiFi. He is pretty clear about the WiFi being, "very poor and slow", an issue that was only made worse by staff who couldn't help solve the problem.

This person is also talking about the connection during their stay at a certain establishment. The WiFi connection was very weak and slow.  

The tweet below talks about the place this person stayed at having a poor connection to the internet, with them also claiming that the WiFi didn't even reach the basement, or inside the house.

Those were just a couple of tweets demonstrating that just like Public WiFi, Hotel WiFi in Japan is also far from 100 percent reliable.

A Better Alternative

As you can see by the tweets about public and hotel WiFi from 2018, the quality cannot be 100 percent trusted. It would be a gamble to stake your ability to navigate and stay connected during your painstakingly planned vacation on these tenuous WiFi connections. But there is no need to! Pocket WiFi or a SIM Card are both great options that can assure you have your WiFi where and when you need it. Book the best value Pocket WiFi or Prepaid SIM for your Japan trip online in just a couple of clicks. Avoid the risk of unreliable WiFi connections and take your vacation's WiFi destiny into your own hands! This is the only true precaution against these other unreliable sources of WiFi in Japan.

Thanks and as always, have a great trip!