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[Easy as pie!] How To Return Pocket WiFi in Japan?

So you have rented your Pocket WiFi device online or are considering doing so, but the process of returning a Pocket WiFi in Japan has got you questioning whether or not it's worth the hassle. While it's completely true that navigating a foreign country as peculiar as Japan in order to do what would be considered a simple task in your familiar home country becomes a lot more stressful. However, we can assure you that armed with just a little bit of knowledge, returning a portable WiFi device in Japan has never been easier, at least for eConnect Japan Pocket WiFi rental service.

A very simple return process

The return process for our Pocket WiFi units has never been more convenient. That's because eConnect Japan provides you with the prepaid return envelope from the start.

All you need to do is put all the following items into this prepaid envelope. Shown in the picture below, those things are (in order of importance);

- Pocket WiFi unit and case
- Portable battery pack and charging cable
- Charging cable/batter pack case

A set of Pocket WiFi rental items

Since the return envelope we provide is prepaid, you do not have to pay anything for the return process.

Find the big red box

Once you have thrown all the items you rented into the envelope the next step is simply locating one of the red postal boxes that litter the streets in Japan. Like legitimately, these postal boxes are so frequent, it's hard not to bump into one of these things at some point during a typical day. They are also very distinct and hard to miss. Just locate the giant red box!

The best part is all airports are pretty much guaranteed to have one of these, like the one at Tokyo International Airport shown below. But not just the international airports in Tokyo (NRT, HND), all the international airports in Japan will have a post box (but note that they are all before the security check). And so will the city you will be staying in. If you want to return before you get to the airport for some reason, you can always do a google maps search for your local post office and drop it in the post box at that location as well.

Post Box at Tokyo International Airport

The one thing to just be slightly careful of is the fact that the envelope has to be within 3cm in thickness in order to fit in the post box opening. So don't bunch up the stuff in the envelope all to one side.

Drop and done!

dropping the return envelope into a post box in Japan

Slip the envelope through the slot in the post box and boom, you are done! Now you have returned the Pocket WiFi unit. Super simple right! The best part is there is no reason to worry about delivery times or anything stressful like that. Just as long as you drop it in the post box by the end of your return date period, we will take it from there.

Simple returns, traveler oriented

As a traveler to a new an exciting country like Japan you don't want to have your travel plans bogged down by the responsibility of having to return your Pocket WiFi to the right place you rented from at the airport. There are long lines, the possibility of being rushed to catch your flight, or even just the difficulty of having to navigate some of the giant maze-like airports like Narita and Haneda in Tokyo. So save yourself time and trouble your next trip to Japan and try booking your Pocket WiFi device online! Our streamlined return process will have you thanking us that you did. Here at eConnect Japan you can also take advantage of tons of great Pocket WiFi rental deals like our Long-Term and Early Bird Discounts. Each discount becoming bigger respectively the longer you stay and the earlier you book.

Catch you next time! Bon Voyage!