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How Renting Pocket WiFi Gives You Freedom in Tokyo

For those of you new to travel in Japan, your first trip to Tokyo will be, how should I put it? Overwhelming to say the least. The world’s most populous city (by metropolitan area) is a sensory overload the first time you experience it. From the endless expanse of train lines weaving like a giant spider web connecting the city, to the hundreds of tiny backstreets lined with every type of shop imaginable, you can’t help but feel impressed by the sheer amount of diverse places all packed into one city.

Because of Tokyo’s size and countless options, finding out where to go and how to get there can prove to be a challenging task. But on vacation to a country as beautiful and full of exciting opportunities and places to experience and explore as Japan, wasting time trying to figure out how to get somewhere is, as the Japanese would say, (mottainai), meaning, (waste of precious time).  This brings me to my point, having Pocket WiFi in Japan, especially in Tokyo means freedom. What do I mean by freedom? I mean three things.

Freedom to go where and do what you want

Vacation is synonymous with relaxation and new experiences. However, in a country as different as Japan figuring out where to go to do what you want can prove daunting. Like how to get out hands on that delicious Ramen you heard so much about, or where to find the best shopping district with the cute clothing, or even where to go to get that much needed relaxation by soaking one of Japan’s Onsen (bath house). This is where Pocket WiFi comes in. With the portable WiFi, figuring out the best location for things is just a google search away. You can read online reviews, compare star ratings, and look at blogs written specifically for what type of place you’re trying to go.

I know that during my last Tokyo trip being able to find the most iconic intersection was a goal of mine. The issue was for the life of me I couldn’t remember the name. Luckily a quick google search turned up the place I was looking for; the Shibuya crossing. I was then able to go there and see the crossing in all it’s glory. But without an internet connection I would not have been able to do what I wanted.

Freedom to get where you’re going

So, you know where you want to go. Next, you need to get there! This is again, where Pocket WiFi comes in clutch. You can’t expect to be able to master the complexities of the Tokyo metro or the other train lines, over the course of a single vacation. You could waste half a day trying to get to your destination (believe me I have). Using a map app on your phone can greatly reduce the amount of time and confusion it takes to get where you want.

For me I wanted to check out some of the fashion stores in Harujuku. It was only a couple stops away from where I was hanging out but I never would have gotten there without Google Maps.

Freedom to be connected to people

For those of you coming as a family, or on business, or for whatever reason, staying connected in this day and age is of utmost importance. Maybe you need to let those back in your home country know you landed safely and made it to your hotel. Maybe you have an important Skype conference that you have to attend. Or perhaps you want use Facebook to upload images of the things you were doing so that your friends can see. Whatever the case, staying connected is important to us and Pocket WiFi can give you the ability to stay connected, both over messenger apps and on all social media platforms.

The benefits of this connectivity over my stay in Tokyo, were evident in the fact even at a little sitting area next to Shibuya crossing I was able to send and receive emails.  


Pocket WiFi equals freedom. Freedom to do the things you want. We here at eConnect Japan offer an easy to use, no fuss online Pocket WiFi rental options that can be secured with just a quick trip to our website. The importance of having wireless internet in Japan has never been clearer. What’s connecting you?

I know a little about traveling around Japan as a foreigner. Especially in Tokyo. I was just there on business for an overnight stay. Especially when you are somewhere for work purposes time is money.