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When’s the Busy Season for Pocket WiFi Rental in Japan?

Planning for any trip can be a challenging task. There are many moving factors involved. But for a vacation to Japan, this becomes ten times more strenuous! One of those planning components is making sure you have a mobile internet connection while in Japan. During peak seasons in Japan, it becomes more difficult to guarantee you can get a last minute portable WiFi device rental.

So when are these so called, "busy seasons"?

You can really order Pocket WiFi at any time of the year. However, if you are trying to rent at the last minute during the some of the busier seasons, you may find that many of the companies are out of stock, or that prices are higher than usual. That being said, with just a bit of foresight you can easily secure yourself a Pocket WiFi rental even during the busiest of seasons.

But just what are these peak or busy seasons? Most of you Japan lovers out there probably already have a good idea about what they might be. The seasons are;

  • Sakura Season
  • Year-end or New Year Season
  • Fall Foliage (Koyou) Season

Sakura Season [Middle of March - Middle of April]

With spring rapidly approaching, tens of thousands of people are planning their trips to Japan to catch a glimpse of the picturesque Sakura trees that will be blooming all over the country. This is probably the busiest season not only for Pocket WiFi rentals but also for flight tickets, hotel bookings, etc..

pink cherry blossom flower

Year-End/New Year Season [From December to January]

Year end season is also a very popular time for visitors. People come from all over over to take part in Japanese New Years festivities. One of the reasons that people come from all over for this season is that is that Japan is one of the first countries to celebrate the new year because of its time zone relative the rest of the world.

group of people standing near Chinese temple during daytime

Autumn Foliage Season (Koyou) [Mid October - Early December]

The autumn foliage season is another time of the year that there is a spike in visitor levels. The stunning colors that can be witnessed all over are what make this season so beautiful. But with beauty comes tourists, and lots of them! However, this season is the shortest of the three seasons we have discussed up till now.

woman wearing pink and blue top

What can I do to make sure I can still rent a portable WiFi?

In order to make sure that you are able to beat the rush, especially during peak seasons, we recommend that you order at least two weeks (if not longer) in advance. We give two weeks as the threshold but honestly it's best to order as soon as you can! The earlier the better. This way we can ensure that we have enough units in stock to meet your demand. This also allows you to take advantage of our special promotion, the Early Bird discount. You can get 15% off on any of our plans if you book 3 weeks prior to your pick up day. This can translate to big savings!

Anything else to be worried about..?

One other reason we suggest that you book as far ahead as possible it that some companies like to jack up their price during the high seasons. So if you book in advance you can easily avoid having to pay these higher prices. And let's be real, we could all stand to save a buck!

One last reason we don't suggest ordering at the last minute, like the day before, is that it restricts what you can choose for a pickup location. If you order the day before for example, we can't exactly ship to every corner of Japan. So remote locations like Hokkaido or Okinawa would take a little longer to reach and you may not be able to get your Pocket WiFi unit on time.


As a take away from this article if you remember nothing else, remember this. If you want to make sure you can snag a Pocket WiFi rental during a peak season in Japan that you order at least 2 weeks in advance of your desired pickup date. As we said before if you can manage and go even a little further out than that, you will be able to take advantage of some of the great discounts we offer on our Pocket WiFi rental plans at eConnect Japan.

Just remember, a little planning can go along way!

Thanks and enjoy your trip!