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Pocket WiFi and Adventures on the Ohenro Trail

Pocket WiFi is essential for navigating your way in new lands and sharing your adventures as you go. Ohenro is definitely an adventure that can be greatly enhanced by reliable internet access.

Stone stairs with a railing in a foggy forest

Pocket WiFi is Safe Navigation
The Ohenro trail is an outdoor hiking adventure that will take you through a remote and beautiful part of Japan. With Pocket WiFi you will be able to use all of the navigation functions and apps on your smartphone.

When hiking the smartphone offers direct communication as well as exact positioning. In the case of an accident or fatigue the hiker can call for help or locate the nearest place for rest. Most hikers consider their smartphones as an essential tool.

Needless to say map apps and weather reports will come in hand when covering new ground. This is especially true when exploring the remote and long hiking trails in Japan. Setting your course and keeping up to date on current weather conditions is essential when hiking for a full day. The Ohenro offers many days of hiking in each section of the course and goes through various land and seaside settings. While exploring the best way to keep track of the road and the weather is with your smartphone.

Find what you need when you need it. Wether in town or on the trail you will want to locate particular locations at certain times. Find more view points on a mountain, find a Ryokan(a traditional Japanese inn) off the beaten track, find the best udon noodles in town, and combine your apps and search skills to locate seasonal flowers, mysterious forests, exciting festivals, whirlpools, waterfalls and more!

Adventures Await You on the Ohenro Trail…

What is it?

You can think of it as the ultimate temple-hopping outdoor adventure trail that covers the entire circumference of one of the main islands of Japan, Shikoku. It is a trail through town and nature to 88 temples and for over a thousand years has been a great way to see the beauty of Shikoku.

To complete a section of the trail on foot can take weeks, of trailblazing through town, mountain, and sea shore. With Pocket WiFi, you can share your journey on this trail and keep up with important communications as well. In remote areas internet access is scarce and public WiFi “hotspot” areas are nil to none, making Pocket WiFi the only way to go. (Even Pocket WiFi does not cover very rural areas though.)

Did you know that the person who decides to take the journey on the Ohenro trail is often called Ohenro-San? There is even a Facebook group dedicated to today’s Ohenro-San where people share information and their experiences on the trail.

Where is it?

When traveling we can ask that question all day! This makes reliable Pocket WiFi absolutely necessary. The Ohenro trail is in Shikoku and goes around the entire island. Shikoku is rich in natural beauty, famous for lush greens and deep blues. This is the home of the giant whirlpools of the Naruto Straits and bioluminescence-glowing mushrooms that emerge from the forests during the rainy season.

More info…

So what is there to find in Shikoku on the Ohenro trail? Of course you have the 88 temples, but what else is there? Lets take a look at some quick facts about the main attractions.

The Trail

  • 1100 - 1400 kilo meters long
  • 43 days to complete on average
  • There are 20 additional temples, for optional inclusion to the official list of 88


  • Every journey is unique
  • The local community is supportive
  • Carries a stamp book, Nokyo-Cho in Japanese, to log all temples visited


  • There are many summer festivals, one of them is Awa Odori in Tokushima city
  • Famous for Udon noodles (in Kagawa Prefecture)
  • Occasionally Snows in January

When is the best time to go?

Japan has 4 seasons and each one has something special to see or do. Pocket WiFi is useful for anything regarding weather and also for tracking seasonal nature conditions like the cherry blossoms and autumn colors. In winter(December to February) you will see snow, but it will be cold! Good time to enjoy Shikoku’s hot springs. Finding and booking a room at a hot spring resort is much easier with your smartphone. Spring is in the air by April and cherry blossoms are in bloom. The exact timing of the cherry blossoms and location conditions are logged on the net as the season unfolds. With use of your smartphone, you will be at the right place at the right time! June gets the most rain. July and August are hot summer months with plenty of Matsuri-festivals. From September most areas begin to cool down and autumn colors begin coming out in mid-November. Anytime is good! Just plan well and decide your WiFi plan before coming to Japan.

And for Your Pocket WiFi needs…

Awesomely enough, you can arrange to have a Pocket WiFi waiting for you at your airport or your hotel of choice one day before your arrival in Japan.
We also provide Japan Prepaid SIM card too for those who do not want to carry an extra gadget.