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Fee Bonus Data for Pocket WiFi 4G and LTE

In the previous post, we explained why there is no Pocket WiFi with true unlimited data in Japan.
On the other hand, we've seen our customers using more and more data over the last couple of years. We are also aware that some rental providers (still) offer 'Unlimited Data' Pocket WiFi although there is a catch.
We'll repeat; there IS a (monthly) data limit at some point where the network provider (most likely be Softbank) imposes the speed restriction for all Pocket WiFi used in Japan.
But again, there are still Pocket WiFi advertised as unlimited data in the market. We had to do something about it...

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So, we decided to do an experiment; giving away 10GB bonus data for 4G and LTE Pocket WiFi.

For 4G and LTE plan, we GUARANTEE that you will be able to use our Pocket WiFi at normal 4G/LTE speed for up to 10GB plus 1GB * rental days (e.g. 17GB for 7 days rental).
It will be subject to speed restriction from the network provider after that but it won't be cut off so you can still use it at a slower speed even if the restriction occurs.

We believe, and are quite confident, that 10GB + 1GB * rental days is way more than enough and you can hardly consume all of it (you don't have to of course). However, you should still turn off auto photo sync (e.g. Google Photos) and restrain from heavy use of streaming services (e.g. Netflix) as they are data guzzlers.

It's good time to point out that our 3G model is advertised as unlimited data with fair usage policy. 3G model is quite old model and relatively slow compare to newer 4G or LTE models. That's why the network provider allows such a generous data package. However, as the mobile network has evolved, Softbank is decommissioning 3G network early next year. So you won't be offering 3G plan anymore.

Case study

We just want you to see how cost-effective it will be with the 10GB bonus data.
Let's take 10 days rental for example:


The normal price (without early bird discount) including shipping fee and 8% tax is 8,728 JPY. For that, you'll get 10 + 10 = 20GB in total.
Per GB cost is:
8,728 / 20 = 436.4 JPY
which is less than 4 USD a day, a couple of coffee price.

And if it's with the early bird discount of 15%? It's gonna be even cheaper.

Per-GB cost is:
7,536 / 20 = 376.8 JPY
which is a bit more than 3 USD. Very affordable.

Of course if you want more data, you can alwasy go for 25GB plan which is also a good choice considering its per-GB cost.

This offer will be in effect immediately from today not only for orders we receive but also for all Pocket WiFi we will be shipping.

Last but not least, it's important to note that this free bonus data offer is still an experiment and subject to change without notice.
So check out our Pocket WiFi lineup and order one now and secure the bonus data!